Tweeting Away


I've noticed only recently that I write (and write a lot) in foul-weather days and weeks. Some people take Prozac, others shop, still others seek comfort in shrinks - I apparently write. So if I'm constantly updating my blog, it's not that it's a bad sign, but it's a sign that things aren't normal.
Not that I'm complaining. What's life without its downers, eh? And I love to write anyway, especially when I am compelled to do so by some unexplained force.
I don't, however, write about what's currently causing a disturbance in my normal life as it's happening, so I won't be ranting in this entry. And for that, you're welcome.

So what's with today, today?

"I love tickets!"

Props to anyone who gets to guess which movie this comes from. You'll get a big hug and peck on the cheek. Anyway, I cannot, just absolutely cannot wait for JASON MRAZ to perform in Manila! yayyyy! I'll be watching with Tiffy and Rissee on the first night...third row baby! Then I'll be watching with Edell the next night, 4th row - not bad. Bought his album last Sunday, and am currently crazy about this one song, "The Forecast". Melts me into a puddle, I swear:

"Well I heard that it might be raining bedsheets and lovers words
Let's throw out the hotel comforter and hang the do not disturb
Sign me up for the storm I’ll wear my suit for the shower
Cause I’ll have you to keep me warm in the coldest hour
And if the rains should pour, for sure with you I’ll be &
Crazy is the forecast all week
There’s a good chance in hail
Like cats and dogs we’ll be flying
And I’m no weatherman
But you are lightning striking"

"But you are lightning striking" does he do that? How can he make such make-me-melt lyrics? Some guys just do it for you, ya know?

It's Not a Mexican Birthday without Tequila

Hung out with the Mexican exchange student, Alvaro, the night before he turned 21. There's nothing like a spur-of-the-moment drinking/chilling session with good friends and newfound ones. He's actually a pretty nice guy. Of course, we had a few shots of tequila - he's Mexican, after all. He even got us to taste this really expensive kind of tequila - the most expensive one apparently that's also really rare, and it tasted amazing. It was also my first time to really hang out with Aspe, Kiko, and Roger. It was crazy fun, and it just goes to show that you never really know a person until you've shared a bottle of alcohol with him/her. Hehehe. This is the stuff from which college life is made of.

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