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(Disclaimer: The following entry is not edited - it's all over the place, and it might not make much sense to an outsider. I'm primarily posting this to capture a very special personal moment for myself - so more than anything else it's really mainly cathartic. Read at your own will.)
What a day! We had our first major IMC pitch ever, for our Direct Marketing about stressful! I realized that in IMC, you need to be psychologically and emotionally strong to survive, because the mental torture is just excruciating.
It's scary to put so much of yourself, your time, your efforts, into one major element of your life - for some it's another person, an activity, etc. For me and for most of my classmates, all the sweat, tears and blood have been going to our projects and campaigns at the moment. And it's a real risk to become so attached to something that can be taken away from you or struck down so easily by other people. To lose a pitch would be unbearable - it is perhaps one of the scariest things in life for me at the moment.
On the contrary, I personally find it healthy that I'm able to be so passionate and so committed to something - I've always said that I've "commitment" issues. Once I find myself so attached to something or someone I realize that often I put distance between me and that thing, for some reason. But now, I'm putting everything out there, everything that I've got - it's scary, but I figure it had to happen sometime.
So we've been working for ages on this pitch that we had for DM, and the whole SDL (our entire block) was so determined to win, mostly because we all love the subject and the teacher, and our love for the two just motivated us to do our best. Judgment day came today for two groups out of the four, including our own, and you will not believe the tension and mental torture we had to go through while waiting for the panelists to announce who won the pitch. It was probably the longest 5-10 minutes of my life (so far hehe). The excitement mixed with the fear of losing make for an intoxicating adrenaline booster that nearly made me crazy! Fortunately, both our groups won! The moment Dr. K said "SDL" all our classmates were jumping up and down and screaming all over the place, I didn't know who I was hugging, I was crying like crazy, it was surreal - the feeling was amazing, especially because I know we deserved it, at the least because of the plain reason that we really worked our butts off for it. I've never considered myself diligent especially regarding school but when I got into senior year everything changed - finally, I was passionate about school, and hopefully I will continue to have that passion after I've graduated and I'm off to work. And it's really much more rewarding when you're appreciated for something you really really worked hard on, which I never really experienced up until this point, because I have to say that this year is the only year that I've dedicated so much of myself for school. Alas, I am a nerdo! hehehe. All in all, this experience just proves further that I chose the right course - I don't think I'd be this passionate had I chosen another one. Buti na lang! Buti na lang din that I've such wonderful people to work with - SDL rocks! We have our misunderstandings and naturally tempers tend to rise at the most stressful situations, but I think it really helps that we're all so close and so supportive of each other. Sure, the victories last night were technically victories for two groups only, but it's so much more meaningful because the whole class was so supportive that it felt like we had all won - and I absolutely love that about ur block! You guyssss! And it is perhaps what I'm most thankful for - meeting this wonderful set of diverse personalities and characters, each colorful in their own way. I must say that I really thrive in the creativity, joy, friendship, and passion of our block - I've learned so much and experienced so much and we're only just halfway through. This is the best feeling ever!

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