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Recommends: But Enough About You

By far the MOST HILARIOUS blog I’ve ever read. Very Sex and the City, but with a mounted gaydar and a lot of bitching and sarcasm. Translation? My favorite kind of humor. But I’m getting way ahead of myself.

So Jay, the author of this blog, is a Malaysian living in London who used to be in advertising but is now working at a call center. His entries contain a lot of rants about work and parents and being a Malaysian in London, and they’re usually hilarious. His writing style is what I christen with the term effortless bitching, and it’s highly entertaining. Here are a few samples:

“It's my firm belief that even the fugliest man can be improved - however marginally - by a nice suit. Hunks look smarter and sexier, while the less genetically-blessed get to cover up everything that's wrong with them. In Malaysia, guys in suits are either hotel staff or wedding guests. But here, rush hour is a wonderfully erotic sea of greys and blacks and dark blues. It really is one of the very few joys of public transportation in London.”

“2.30am, the winds were howling and I'd just come home from work. I was sitting on my bed, taking off my shoes while watching TV and checking my blog (who says men can't multi-task?) when I heard a noise outside my room, a soft but repetitive huh-huh-huhhhhh.First thought: OMG, the little dead
children have finally come for me. This is what happens when you live in an old Victorian house so near two fucking cemeteries! And a crematorium! I knew this wou-Then I remembered that there were five other (living) creatures in the house: my flatmates MW and DL, and MW's two kids, who were staying with us for the school break. And their cat…”

”Lights are off, we're in bed ready to sleep.

NM: Night night Cuddlebunny.

Me: -sits up- Night night stupid chucklehead!

NM: Huh? Why did you call me that?

Me: You started the namecalling!

NM: But Cuddlebunny is nice!

Me: No it isn’t!

NM: Whatever! –turns away-

Me: Whatever, 'Dumbass'!”

I swear, this guy deserves a column in a newspaper or a magazine somewhere. His blog’s one of the most popular personal blogs I’ve visited, with 40+ comments per entry by a loyal fan base. He should quit his call center job immediately and write a book, or become a columnist or something.

I suppose it would be the responsible thing for me to say, however, that there are some content on the blog that are unsuitable for children. But Enough About You is highly recommended, but mostly for mature readers only. Young ones, read at your own will.

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