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Pulling Off a Rob Fleming - You Should, Too!

I should be studying, but screw it. Ten more minutes.

The MP3 player game was so much fun, so here's another one. Although, it's not so much a game as a Rob Fleming activity. Got it from Calm Before the Storm and Browkowzt Modern Life (hope I got that right).

Okay, there were just too many links in that paragraph. Sorry. Anyway, here goes.

15 Favorite DVDs (I don't have all of them yet though. See the sentence with an asterisk on the bottom of this entry)

Create your own Movie List @ HotFreeLayouts!

5 Things You Can Gather About Me From This List

1. I'm rather partial to foreign films

2. As it turns out, I'm a John Cusack fan.

3. I like movies about dysfunctional teenagers (
Empire & Dazed)

4. Contrary to popular belief, I've got a mushy side too (

5. I like to be inspired every so often (
Dead Poets)

Can't wait to see your lists! Especially Angel's, Shara's, and Nadine's. Your turn girls!

*This list is especially useful if you're celebrating your birthday or any other event that requires people to give you presents. Read: graduation time is coming (at least for people in UA&P). Better put up those lists asap!


shara said...

hahaha - wow. Haha! Actually i was making this list din cos i was about to subscribe to Netflix. (It's this DVD service thing online - you just rent 3 DVDs, sent it back when you're done and then rent another 3 afterwards. Haha!) So yeah... my list has a lot of.. urh... classics and action movies. Haha. I'll finish it and post it up asap. Haha!

Daene said...

i wish i had all the time in the world to watch DVDs. i've such a long DVD backlog already.

classics and action movies huh? coolness! hehehe. guess you're stocking up on the popcorn too. I'm so jealous!!!

can't wait to see your post!

NADINE said...


Ix said...

well crap.i tried to make a list too, but lots of korean movies don't have their covers in there. is there a more accurate database?

myke said...

WOAH, we can trade dvds!
i heart your taste.;)

Daene said...

saw the list on your site too! very cool. we should definitely trade dvds, only i haven't got copies of all my faves yet, hehe. :)

(i actually made this list as an attempt to get my friends to give em to me as presents. clever, yes?) ;)