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Bantayan Island Trip, Apr. 10-15, 2007

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Click on the picture to read about my Bantayan trip with Rissee, Jen, Tiff, Bert and Kinns. Thanks for making it a great summer you guys, and congratulations, we're finally graduating! Woot!


Ix said...

hey daene! :B congrats on the grad :D

i was gonna post this on the shoutbox, but it doesn't load for some reason :(

Daene said...

hey jun! thanks! :D

Yeah sometimes the shoutbox acts up. I think I have too much stuff going on in the blog so it takes forever to load - if ever it does load. hahaha.

Ix said...

by the way, holy crap, is this "Kinns " Michael or Francis?

i would have just looked at the pics, but the picture link doesn't seem to work.

Daene said...

Hey Jun! Kinns is the younger one Francis. You know them pala? :D