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Travel, Cars, Edward Cullen and Crazy Weekends

Four things I've been preoccupied with all summer. And what a great summer it's been, and it's only halfway over! The thing is, I'm too busy to be blogging about my life at the moment, but I don't want to forget what's been going on, so let me write a quick rundown of my life over the past month. A life, I might add, that's been defined by all the fun weekends, weekend after every freakin' weekend!

1. My first car!
Technically it's not my car - it's a 2006 Toyota Altis, company-assigned one. Nevertheless, I've been waiting to get one for ages and ages, since my teen angst years. And dude, does it spell FREEDOM. So far I've realized the two best things about having a car: one, you get to drive around with your friends and they get to tease you about your driving skills (or lack thereof) - and they also help you parallel park on inclined roads!; and two, i love being able to play my own roadtrip soundtracks! Some current faves include

- "Hero / Heroine" by Boys Like Girls
- "Teddy Picker" by the Arctic Monkeys (thanks Mabz!)
- "Nolita Fairytale" by Vannesa Carlton
- "Born Too Slow" from Need for Speed Underground (esp. on Star Tollway!)
- "Dirty Little Secret" from All American Rejects

Tonight Edell suggested that I name my car "Edward". I love the idea! Haha. You'll find out why in #2.

2. Help! Human boys have lost their charm! And it's all because of Edward Cullen.
Edward Cullen is every girl's dream - every girl who's into selfless, brooding, dark and menacing vampires! Who, by the way, writes you lullabies, drives fast, and can read people's minds. Sam got me to read the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer, which is totally bringing out the fangirl, teenybopper in me and my other's an insane fangirl pyramid scheme!

I was so into the books that (you might look at me differently after reading the next few words) I actually started an online community. Yes, an online community for Filipino Twilight fans. Judge if you must, but there you go. You can find the site here btw. If you're a Twilight fan too, go and give it a visit please!

3. Travel, travel!
This summer I've been to Dumaguete, Siquijor, Puerto Galera (for like the nth time), Laiya, and Bauan. Next week, I'm headed to Boracay, Iloilo, and Guimaras. Afterwards, we're going back to Laiya, and possibly to Bauan. Then we have a planned trip to Cagayan de Oro and Camiguin. It's been a great great summer for my wanderlust! I'll talk about my trips over at my travel blog when I find the time.

4. Here's a quick rundown of my weekends over the summer (I must note that I'm writing this down mostly for my own benefit, so that when I'm old and boring I can look back and remember that I was cool enough to go home at 5 am in the morning on a Saturday from a Friday night house party, and be in a different place for like four consecutive weekends):

April 5-7 (long weekend) - Dumaguete and Siquijor
April 12-13 - Puerto Galera with Mabz and Edz
April 19-20 - house party at Fort's house, with Aldous and other IEPeeps - thanks Aldous for inviting us!; Watched a play called "Altar Boyz" at Onstage Greenbelt - thanks Maze for inviting us!; Pigged out at Friday's with college friends at Bonifacio High Street.
April 26-27 - Kota Keluarga with the family at Laiya, San Juan, Batangas
May 3-4: Dive & Trek yearly trip with the family (snorkelling galore! I'm soooo dark it's not funny)

And here's what the rest of my weekends look like:
May 9-14 - Boracay, Iloilo, and Guimaras with Edell and her friends! Thanks for letting me tag along!
May 17-18 - Roadtrip to Laiya with Mabelle, Maze and Carmeli
June 7-10 - Cagayan de Oro and Camiguin with the other MTs

I'm broke and super dark and a bit tired but I don't care! I love a crazy schedule like this one! While I'm young, might as well right?

Oh! And my last bit of news - for my sales stint at work, I've been assigned to South Luzon. Which means I'm back at my parents' house in Batangas. And I'm roommates with my 13 year-old brother. In some ways I feel like the freakin' prodigal daughter. It hasn't hit me completely yet (I start work tomorrow but I've moved back already and everything), but when it does I'll definitely write about it. It's such a...surreal experience. Very strange indeed.

That's it for now I guess. I'm quite tired and sleepy and my back and arms hurt because of the sunburn and I really ought to get some sleep.

Oh but one last thing! This is kind of late but I super LOVED Juno. What a hilarious movie. There are too many quotes in that movie that I'd like to use in everyday conversation just to be cool and weird, such as:

"I'm forshiz up the spout"
"What? Honest to blog?"
"Silencio old man! i just drank my weight in Sunny D and I need to go pronto!"

If you haven't seen it, watch it PRONTO! It's hilarious. I've also started on "Into the Wild" but haven't finished it yet - I'm afraid that watching more will ignite my nomadic, bohemian, free-spirit tendencies. And I'm not quite sure yet how to deal with those feelings. Oh, that's for a whole other blog entry.

Obviously, so much has happened. But overall, I'm pretty stoked about the way things are with me right now. I just hope I can blog about them more often so I don't forget.

Peace out.


aspiring writer said...

I will happily be the first one to leave you a comment on this blog. I confess,I didn't read the entire thing,however,as an aspiring writer/author,I liked to see someone write online. The one word that caught my eye was Edward Cullen. I love all of the Twilight books,and I am currently reading The Host. I love all that is Stephenie Meyer. She inspired me in some way,however,I don't know it is. KEEP BLOGGING,no matter how many comments or views you get. P.s, I am 14 years old as in 13 days ago. Surprising?

aspiring writer said...

email me at

I am not one of those creepy internet dudes. I don't even know if you're not one. Absolutly no contact except via email. I don't ask of you anything personal info.