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Honest to Blog? A Quick, Random Post

Current Love of My Life: James McAvoy
How adorable was he in Penelope, and how hot/funny (a killer combination that's hard to come by!) was he in Wanted? I am dying to get my hands on the DVD of Becoming Jane that Mabelle bought for me (I cannot wait to play the library and ball scenes over and over again). I'm so in need of James movies that I find myself watching even his small parts in Wimbledon, as the wanker brother of Paul Bettany's character - and even that, he acted out superbly!

Edward Cullen Update: I still love him.
Even after the hideous Entertainment Weekly cover that depicted him as the undead version of Fabio. Whoever signed off on that cover from the Twilight camp should be fired immediately - he/she obviously did not read the Edward Cullen brand footprint! It's simple marketing, geez! Maintain brand equity please! They're ruining Edward's image and breaking little girls' hearts all over the world.

On a side note, please attend our Breaking Dawn Pre-Launch Party! All details can be found at Twilight Coven Philippines (you can also find the EW cover there too).

Current Lifestyle: Nomadic.
Driving around a lot, from one place to another, and another, and another. Sleeping at a hotel, in Manila, at home in Batangas. Living out of my car (my house is literally in it - I can't unpack my clothes and other stuff because I keep moving around and I don't have time to keep unpacking and packing over and over again!). All in one week. Insane.

Current Music: Geeky guys with guitars.
"Come on Get Higher" by Matt Nathanson is just adorable. A Gavin Degraw-James Morrison-Matt Nathanson playlist on my iPod. Geeky guys in guitars are boss.

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