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It's Almost Halloween, Everbody Scream (In which a yuppie experiences an existential epiphany)

The Virgins - "Love is Colder than Death" (my new favorite song!)

I need a bloody schoolgirl outfit for tomorrow. And I'm not using "bloody" as an expression - I literally need a bloody outfit, i.e. a uniform covered in blood. It's for the halloween thing at the office - it's a pretty big deal in our company, which is cool because the office hallways will be filled with kids again, which is always fun!

If I were to attend a grown-up halloween party and if I had a boyfriend, this would be our costume inspiration:

Let it be clear though that I wouldn't want to get knocked up for real so that I can dress like Juno - a pillow under the shirt will probably do the trick. Then the whole night I'd be saying things like "Honest to blog?" or "I'm forshizz up the spout" and "Blaaah I'm a kracken from the sea!". That would be so much fun.

Office rave! Today I had a pretty interesting realization: one of the coolest things about being in brand / marketing is seeing a normal, regular consumer who distinctly and undeniably personifies your brand's values and equity, to the point that you can literally set her apart from other consumers; so that you can say, with conviction, that yes, this is the person I'm talking to. In a weird way, you get to feel a sense of connection with that person because of it. It's a pretty cool feeling.

And this realization has led me to believe that brands are indeed more than just company-created devices to differentiate their products from others. Brands embody a specific set of values, characteristics, even emotions. And with the communication of brands comes the communication of these values. Which is why I'm glad that I work for the company and the brand I work for, and why I probably won't ever consider working on a brand of condoms, or something like that. Because I have to believe in the values that I communicate with my brand. Because brands don't just have an effect on the economy or the market - they also have an influence on culture and the human subconscious. And with great influence always comes great responsibility. Cheesy, I know, but still true.

Wow, so maybe working in corporate doesn't always mean you have to be a sell-out, a heartless suit, a money-hungry yuppie. Maybe you can have a significant contribution to society that's beyond monetary. Hurray, an epiphany! I feel my quarter-life existential crisis slowly being resolved.

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