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Blogging from Kota Kinabalu: The Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park (Day 2)

Yesterday we went to the Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park and visited three beautiful white sand beaches:

Mamutik Island - my favorite island out of the three. Mabelle, Dale and I went snorkeling and there was so much fish! They follow after you thinking you would feed them bread. The sand was powdery white and the water was nice and warm.

Manukan Island - the biggest of the three islands, and it had the most people. Look, there are pine trees by the beach!
Sapi Island - they had huge komodo dragons (at least we think they were komodo dragons) just walking around the island!
We then had dinner at a restaurant a few doors beside our hostel.
Carmz and I got to walk around the city after dinner while the others watched Twilight. More on that next time, but here's a strange picture - they had these crustaceans trapped in mineral water bottles inside an aquarium and I'm thinking, how did they manage to fit those in there? My theory is they raised those crustaceans inside the bottle since they were very very small...which is kind of sad and cruel! Let's hope my theory isn't true.

Today we're headed for Kinabalu park...I love this whole free internet thing at the lodge!


Ix said...

holy crap @ first pic! I WANT!

And you're probably right, those crustaceans were probably raised inside the bottles. Lame, but they might have devoured each other if they were released. Nothing that separate tanks wouldn't fix, though. D:


Daene said...

Haha I know the marine park was awesome :)

So that's why they had to be in those bottles, because they would eat each other if they weren't separated? Morbid. LOL