Tweeting Away

Fangirling For My Inner Gay Man

Ryan Ross just updated his blog with this, his cutest entry yet:

"It’s been a while since I’ve seen, or played music with the guys so we had quite a glorious reunion. Jon filled me in on snow-football in the backyard while Brendon, Spencer and I filled him in on 75 degree sun and fun in California. As of now I live in Brendon’s guest room on a very small and uncomfortable air mattress. So does Spence but I think he has some sort of deluxe model, very nice. Right now all three of Brendon’s dogs are climbing on me and my laptop. Soon Hobo will be over for many play-dates and bbq’s.This one is called Bogart. I’m not sure where anyone is, and they don’t answer their phones much so the dogs and I are holding down the fort today."

Ryan living with Brendon and his three dogs? This is so cute it's killing me. I can't wait for all the fan fiction. As if I need more fuel to light the fire of my inner gay man. Listen to the Valentine's episode of our podcast and you'll understand.

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