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Hung Up On The Wentz Much? / What's Your W.A.M.S.?

So I still can't get over the Fall Out Boy concert last Friday, and tonight, taking a break from my freelance frenzy, I sent a text message to Mazie, fellow concert-goer:

Me: I'm hung up on Fall Out Boy. Let's make guesses at what "w.a.m.s." stands for. Hurry, hurry! You put my head in such a flurry, flurry! Hahaha.

Maze: Me too! Hmm...What A Miserable Sadist. Bwahaha!

Me: That was fast, and insanely random! I love it! I can't even think of anything! Haha!

Maze: Well, all their titles are random and do not have any relation whatsoever to the lyrics. Haha! Hmm...Wonderfully Awesome Mood for Suicide. Wahaha!

Me: Omg! What A Morbid Sentiment. Haha!

Maze: Haha! Random nga. What are your guesses?

Me: We Are Mournful Sluts! (obviously not "we" as in us, and totally not referring to anyone! hehe)

I actually read somewhere that it actually means "We All Mean Something". In any case, I think it's more fun to make up your own meaning! So what's yours? :)


Anonymous said...

we all masturbate sometimes

Anonymous said...

We Almost Mooned Someone

Anonymous said...

When Andy Makes Soup

Anonymous said...

Wentz Almost Married Stump

Daene said...

rofl awesome answers! Wentz Almost Married it! :)

Fiorenza Artic said...

i love all of these!