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Geek for Geek on American Late Night

I've always had a thing for Conan O'Brien and his brand of self-deprecating humor. He's a very attractive and funny kind of geek - the kind I like, hehe. Last week, "Late Night" said goodbye to Conan and welcomed another geek to host the show. Enter Jimmy Fallon of SNL fame - geeky in an awkward, endearing and funny kind of way. Tiff and I both love these guys (we're geek-lovers that way), and it really sucks that Late Night with Conan / Jimmy is only available on Jack TV in the Philippines, which Sky Cable doesn't have. Boo. I guess I have to resort to YouTube now. So for starters, here are Jimmy's and Conan's first ever opening intros for Late Night. Ah, geek love. :)

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Earl said...

that's cause conan's taking over jay leno's show -earl