Tweeting Away

These are the things I've thought about, silly boy, you're often thought about in waves.

Summer is here, I can totally feel it.

At Bo's in Bonifacio High Street, taking advantage of the free WiFi, conferencing with Tiff and Jen and making plans for our Vietnam-Cambodia trip, which is LESS THAN A MONTH AWAY! I'm freaking excited. We're almost done with the planning and just need to book all our packages, transpo and accommodations. I was worried 15 days would be too long a trip, but as it turns out, it's not nearly long enough to explore two countries! To think we were even planning to visit Laos too! Alas, there will be other trips in the future.

I stepped out of the house this morning and almost immediately felt the scorching heat. It's so hot out today it's insane! I realize now that Edell's random invite to go to the beach yesterday would've been a really good idea, because today seems like a great day to be at the beach, but I promised myself I would not make plans this weekend on account of the million and one "extracurricular" things I have to do and all the rest I need. I guess I can save the beach trips for the coming weeks, when I finally get my car! Yay!

I had my iPod on shuffle this morning and this song came on. It was very timely too since this is one of my favorite summer songs. Sometimes I think my iPod is smart enough to a) know how I'm feeling and b) play songs that would match those feelings. I'm just weird like that.

I'm not fond of this music video though. Maybe after my trips this summer I'll make a video collage of the nice pictures I took and make my very own "Waves" video. That would be nice, for me anyway. But do watch the video so you can listen to the song and fall in love with it like I have!

Marjorie Fair - 'Waves'

In other news, my friend Edell's online store, Love Me Vintage, has been featured in the Philippine Daily Inquirer! You can check out the online article here or visit the store here. Congrats dude!


earl said...

i'm expecting major pasalubong! two countries and 15 days! :)) hahaha jk daene! (unless you take it seriously, in which case, i'm not hahaha) (ok really joking)

- earl

Daene said...

EJ The Duck! LOL. I'll see if I still have money for pasalubong. Bwahahaha! Dude, listen to "Waves" by Marjorie Fair okay? I think you'd like it 'cause you're just weird like that, like me :)

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