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Blogging From Vietnam

Waiting for Jen and Tiff to get ready so we can have breakfast and explore Hoi An in Vietnam (a place that has been a very pleasant surprise - but more on that next time). I don't have a lot of time so I'll make this short and sweet.

So the Cambodia-Vietnam trip is going pretty darn well, I must say! I really could get used to this traveling thing - since last Friday when we flew out from Manila to Ho Chi Minh City, we have so far stayed in four different hotels in four different cities, crossed over a border and back, had two flights and countless bus rides, eaten in easily a dozen restaurants, met up with two college friends, racked up so many kilometers by land, air, and a bit of water - and we're not even halfway through the entire trip! I've gotten so used to being constantly on the go, have gotten the hang of how to lug around my luggage quickly and efficiently over airports and bus stops and scanning machines at immigration. Our three-day sojourn into Siem Reap has been the longest we've stayed in any one place - after that, we have yet to stay in the same hotel in two consecutive nights. And I strangely like this feeling - does that make me weird? I don't know what that says about me, but I really could get used to this traveling thing. I enjoy the constant change in scenery, the come and go from one place to another. It's refreshing.

I'd love to post pictures but I'm using the hotel computer and I don't want to plug in my memory card for fear of getting it infected by a virus. Strange computers and memories on flimsy memory cards do not mix, so I'll wait until I get back to Manila to upload the pictures.

Jen is already here and we're going to have breakfast, so until my next post, wherever I may be by then!

5 comments: brat... said...

been wanting to go to vietnam and cambodia for a long time... im jealous!!!

resident_nutty said...

daene, weirdly enough, i have one officemate who is in cambodia right now and a high school friend in vietnam naman right now.....cambodia-vietnam season ata hahahaahha

btw, i injured my hand, full kwento when you come back, siguro naman by the time we go to our own trip in a few weeks ok na siya

sige hahahaha happy traipsing around!

Daene said...

@ camp brat: It is soooo nice in Siem Reap, Cambodia and Hoi An, Vietnam! I'm so excited to post pictures and write about it. You should totally go! I suggest you go with your boyfriend to Hoi An, it is sooo romantic, kind of like a quaint French town with amazing cafes :)

Daene said...

@ mabz: We actually met Nina Marcelo in Ho Chi Minh! She's here on business, hehe. Coincidence! We haven't seen a lot of Filipino travelers though, mostly western people. Mabz, it's suuuuper nice here! Tell you all about it soon :)

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