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Remembering a Filipino Icon

That's me in the picture, a baby in yellow and sporting an "I Love Ninoy" bandana - I guess my mom got me into the activism spirit very early in life (that's her carrying me in the picture. Unfortunately, I didn't quite grow up to be a social activist, but that is perhaps for a whole other post).

I grew up being told of the victory and the memory of the People Power Revolution, and about the woman who has been the living symbol of that revolution. Now that Cory Aquino has passed on, the Philippines mourns the loss of an extraordinary woman, a quiet yet brave and resolute heroine of democracy and the Filipino people. But I think I would like to remember her as a devout, God-fearing human being who was given an opportunity to change her country for the better - and this after a painful loss to her family - which she took unwaveringly, knowing it would be difficult, knowing it would post a danger to her life, knowing she could easily turn the opportunity down to live a comfortable, quiet life in the shadows and out of the spotlight.

I guess the question we have to ask ourselves now is, when have we ever made a choice that would've entailed a huge personal sacrifice for the benefit of others? And for every Filipino to have an answer to that question is probably the best way we as a people could remember a true Filipino icon. RIP Corazon Aquino.

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