Tweeting Away

Excuse My Fangirling.

An open letter to two of my best friends and their worst influence:

Dear Mabz and Edz,

I still maintain that this here is all your fault. You've made a fangirl out of me. I am losing my awesomeness by the minute.

To be fair though, I got you into Twilight. So I guess I deserve this. I guess now we're even.

I propose a night of drinks and partying to bury these fangirling tendencies and keep them back on lock and key, at least for the foreseeable future. A viewing of "Fight Club" or "Kill Bill Vol. 1" will bring back the lost awesomeness too. How is Saturday for you? Holler back.

Daene, newly-inducted KPop fangirl. I don't know who I am anymore. Help.


resident_nutty said...

dear daene,

oh yeah, this is my "revenge" for the whole Twilight business. i swear if you didn't got me into that, i would be one of those who won't care LOL.

but well, twilight=kpop is not exactly equal. coz i think you getting into kpop (or in your terms, that would just be anything related to Super Junior), is just weird since YOU of all people are into it. out of character. unlike i, being a reader of romance-laced novels, am not being out of character getting into Twilight (although i'm not exactly a YA reader).

in other words, you still owe me for twilight *evil laugh*

your friend,

p.s. next sat? after xmas party? will ask eds if i can crash at her place after. game with the movie idea, although i bet you, we might just watch something else that night! LOL

Daene said...

Hahaha Mabz, this is out of character for me indeed. Actually the whole Twilight mania was already a bit out of character, but this one really takes the cake in terms of...err, out-of-characterness?

If you get me into romance novels next, I will seriously have to rethink our friendship. Hahaha! HOWEVER, I am open to a fair trade:I will allow to be inducted into romance novels, IF you bungy jump in Macau tower. Fair deal, yes? :P

resident_nutty said...

hmmm i still remember that i lent you one of the shortest romance stories i have with a decent storyline and even THAT didn't make you convert. and now you're telling me that this might cost me Php12k? hahaha wag na lang.

actually im still open to the whole bungy thing if it wasn't that expensive. ask me again when i'm rich LOL