Tweeting Away

Quarter of a Century, Baby!

Happy 25th birthday Edz! Woot!

This was a picture from that awesome birthday party you threw a few years back. I remember playing a lot of poker and getting really wasted. It was awesome.

Remember when we celebrated our birthdays the year most of us turned 18? It's been seven freaking years since! That's crazy. I can't imagine what it'd be like when we all turn 30 (Carlo's getting a headstart, of course, and will be there in three years. Talk about old. Haha!).

Oh, and I also have your party to thank for this LEGENDARY photo:

One of the many reasons why I'm really glad you were born into this world. Haha!


resident_nutty said...

i have a group picture of this party posted on my dresser mirror ata! woot! i love this party, eto yung party na may mga videos ako na mga kabaliwan natin

edellness said...

awww..super thanks for this daene :)

Daene said...

Dangyunhaji! This party was epic! And last night was super fun! Happy 25th Edz, woot! :)