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Replay, Replay, Replay.

"Replay (Noona, You're So Pretty)" - SHINee

They don't make boybands like they used to.

I've been playing this song over and over since the holidays, when I first heard it (it's a relatively old song though, released in '08, but I got into the whole Kpop thing pretty late). And I love the choreography on this video! Apparently it was done by Rina Nakasone, one of the Harajuku Girls. And SHINee's probably one of the most talented KPop groups out there with like, real talent. Hehe.

And yes, they're not bad to look at either. They're very young though, so for the noonas out there, don't get any ideas. Although with a song called "Noona, You're So Pretty", you'd think these boys wanted you to do exactly that. Tsk tsk tsk. Haha.

I'm not making any sense - just listen to the song! It's got a really nice R&B feel to it. I wish they had English lyrics for this so I could sing along (incidentally, there was one fan who wrote English lyrics to this song's melody, but it wasn't for the whole song, and it was done acoustic, and a little slower).

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