Tweeting Away

Kickin' it old school with "Room for Squares" today.

People (myself included, I guess) think John Mayer's a douche and a player and an attention whore (insert more evil words here), and he probably is, or he probably isn't, whatever - let's leave that out of this and judge him solely on his music.

"Room for Squares" never gets old. And it's probably one of the best Quarter Life Crisis soundtracks you could find out there. I don't know, it speaks to my twenty-something sentiments. It's got enough emotion and relatable circumstances to make you want to grab a drink and wallow in your sorrows for just a little bit (we all know it's healthy to do every so often), but the songs aren't too sappy that they make you roll your eyes in distaste because they seem so fake. Anyway, I think Bjork sums up how I feel about this record perfectly:

"There are certain emotions in your body that not even your best friend can sympathize with, but you will find the right film or the right book, and it will understand you." - Bjork

In this case, it's the right record.

I still don't have tickets to his concert next month. Sad.


...crickette... said...

i don't care how awful john mayer is as a human being... i love him! blind love.

AC said...

i love john mayer, too! :) hey, i heard his concert won't push thru next month? postponed for october i think.