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You Can Call Me Dangerous But These Are The Sins Of My Youth

Like most girls in Manila, lately I've been crazy about Forever21. And living in Ortigas and being very close to Megamall, it's so easy for me to go on a whim and check out their stuff whenever I want to - not very good for my credit card though.

So anyway, I was trolling around the store last weekend and this song came on, and I just loved it. I Googled it right after and now it's on heavy rotation on my iPod (and in the car - it's an awesome driving song!).

Call me crazy, I was born to make a mess / Would you love me still if I were to confess / That I had a little too much fun, back when I was young?

I'd love to hear this one at a concert - it's just that kind of song, you know? The kind that would have everyone singing along and going all crazy with energy. Definitely an awesome Youth Anthem.

I have so much new songs I wanna post about. Maybe in the next few weeks. :)

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