Tweeting Away

By The Ways

There are things in life that are interesting enough to share with friends during conversations about nothing, anything, and everything. "By the way, a funny thing happened to me the other day...". Otherwise, they're really not worth sharing. As I haven't been able to spend much time lately to sit down with friends and just talk, I'm sharing all my "By the way," stories in this entry.

True story. On my most recent trip to the beach I was walking alone on a long, empty stretch of the shore, a long way away from the resort where we were staying. It began to drizzle so I decided to finally turn around and go back. Halfway to the resort I looked down as I walked and noticed that there was a trail of footprints ahead of mine, headed towards the same direction I was. Even more interesting was how the footprints looked strangely similar to my own, being almost exactly the same shape and exhibiting common curves and impressions. I was sure I was alone the whole time I was there and that the stretch of beach was completely deserted. I wondered, then, if it was déjà vu captured in sand. Or maybe our universe had warped with another one completely like ours, except everything happens five seconds in advance there, and the warping juxtaposed the results of the time difference. Or maybe, just maybe, it was fate telling me I was walking the right path.

Last week I kept thinking about a song I heard somewhere, whose lyrics, as I remembered it, went like "It's something like I'm sorry". I couldn't remember the song and even looked it up on the internet, to no avail. As such I began to think that maybe I had magically thought up the particular line, which I thought was pretty nice, instead of hearing it from somewhere else. Alas, on Saturday I put iTunes on shuffle and "Better" by Jason Mraz played. The song went "It's something like I apologize" instead of "i'm sorry", which explains why I couldn't find it on the Internet. Too bad. It would've been a nice beginning to a story/novel, or whatever.

Adam Brody, I love you. You are officially Loveliest Dorky Guy of the Universe, 1st runner-up (Mraz still holds the top spot).

Read this word out loud: COLONEL. A "headhunter" guy whose job is to interview aspiring OFWs and such to determine their English proficiency spoke in class yesterday. Poor guy. He made the utter mistake (along with a line of other, less damaging ones) of actually pronouncing "colonel" as it is spelled. I was actually rather insulted by the fact that this guy was judging the English proficiency of others when he himself could not speak well. Hypocrite? Not to that extent I think. I just wish someone would correct him soon so he could do his job right. I'm not blaming the guy, but in fairness to the people he screens, and also for the sake of his credibility, he ought to re-learn the English language. To think he spoke at our school! And to students in IMC! I mean we are in communications, we're expected to know these things, they're basic. And there he was (erroneously) lecturing about it. Seriously, everything about that talk was messed up.

Another true story. Every year come Valentine's Day a supposed "secret admirer" leaves flowers at my door not only for me but also for six of my other close girlfriends. We each get a rose and a note with our name written on it. I have suspicions as to who the person might be, but have no way to investigate. As the darn day approaches I wonder if he/she will send us flowers again. Will write more about it (and about Valentine's Day) soon, once I get to decide the mood of said entry (cynical, humorous, cynically humorous? hmmm...).

We were playing a game on Arthur's computer this morning where you're given a line/dialogue and you have to guess which movie it was taken from. Here's a teaser:

"How do you solve a problem like Maria?"

"They're six year olds. How much trouble can they be? On second thought, take the gun."

"Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn."

Here's another one of my Photoshop projects. If it wasn't before, It's official now - a Barbie doll threw up on this blog.


Sean said...

It's hard to resist a good puzzle. My guesses:

1. Sounds like a song lyric from The Sound of Music.

2. Kids and guns. Kindergarten Cop?

3. Gone With the Wind. Easy. :)

Daene said...

wow! three for three. good job. guess you're quite the movie buff. :P

Sean said...

Puzzle-enthusiast, more like. :)