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This One's for the Girls

Dove has come out with a new ad campaign in the Philippines. Entitled Campaign for Real Beauty. Here's one of the versions of the ads:
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Check out the site at . Check out these facts from the site:
Women in Philippines Have Highest Self-EsteemAcross Asia, Fewer Than 3% of Women Call Themselves “Beautiful”Filipinas' Sense of Beauty Driven by Family and Religion
Women in Philippines Happiest with Beauty, Weight, and Breasts
A landmark study of 2,100 women in 10 countries in Asia reveals deep divides between countries when it comes to women's self-esteem, body image and sense of beauty. The study, sponsored by Dove, is called “The Real Truth About Asian Beauty: Asian Women's Attitudes Toward Self-Esteem, Body Image, and Media Portrayal.”
While Asian women overwhelmingly feel that beautiful women have greater opportunities in life, few consider themselves beautiful. When asked how they would choose to describe themselves, nearly a third chose “simple or natural” followed by “average or normal.” Fewer than 3% said “beautiful.” However, in the Philippines, 5% call themselves beautiful.
When compared to women in nine other countries in Asia, Filipinas exhibit a stronger sense of happiness and satisfaction with their bodies and their lives. At the same time, women from the Philippines rank the importance of family and religion higher than women do in the rest of Asia."
Way to go girls! Pinays rock! :)

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