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The Happiest Place in the ...Philippines? And Other Stories

What a week!
Being Carrie Bradshaw
I bought three pairs of shoes this my defense, they were all on sale, and technically, I just bought two pairs. There was a buy-one-take-one promo at Schu; then I bought a pair of wedge espadrilles on sale for 350 bucks, which reminded me of a pair that I had when I was a little girl which my mom bought for me. I've been looking for years for a pair and I think it's only now that they're in style again so it was a very nostalgic purchase and I was delighted when I bought them.
"If you love your eyebrows..." + Spooky Butler tales
Friday, our PRSP group stayed over at Joy's place. It was a blast! Joy was ever the excellent hostess...I'm not a very big fan of staying over at someone else's place (my dorm is a complete wreck but it is my city home and I'm quite happy sleeping there) but it is always a pleasure to be a guest at Joy's humble (majestic is the proper term actually) abode. Anyway, at dinner, the clumsy person that I am, I spilled sauce on the table. Jen was beside me and she put on this scary voice and was like, "Lagot ka! The butler will get you!" Tiff joined in the fun as well. Where they got that idea I don't know, but the whole "Scary Butler" story stuck and the whole night it was mentioned over and over again...IMC people talaga.
After dinner we were set on finishing our PRSP project. We planned not to sleep until we were done with it, and I joked that whoever slept would wake up with her eyebrows shaved. One time J looked like she was falling asleep and I told her "J...if you love your eyebrows!" Like the butler joke, the whole eyebrow thing went on and on all night. We didn't get to finish the project, but we came up with some cool's due Thursday so we've got time.
5-Hour Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Who knew a day at Enchanted Kingdom would be so much fun for a group of aging teenagers? A bunch of my IMC blockmates and I went to EK yesterday afternoon. Nadine, Rissee, Maze, Shara, Jen, Tiffy, Lucille, Grace, Arthur and I met at Prom B at around 4 pm for our enchanted trip of a sem. Angel, Kat and Irene were supposed to join us, but were unable to for varied reasons. Awww. Anyhow, we were excited like crazy at Prom B; everything was so last minute that we couldn't quite believe that we were actually going! You know how people always have plans to go to all these places and never actually push through? I might be one of those people, but Saturday was different. We actually pushed through with it, despite the threatening signs of rain, despite lack of funds, despite the absence of some friends...basta, dapat matuloy! Fortunately, we did push through with our "field trip". Tiff almost didn't go with us - it took a lot of coaxing and "pretty pleases" before she finally agreed. And when she did, she surprised us with her reaction. I can't quite describe it but the closest I can tell you is that she reminded me of Ross in that Friends episode when they checked out Ugly Naked Guy's apartment and he got so excited about renting it. She was so excited that I got even more excited to go to EK! Rissee was also a pleasnt surprise - she was crazy all night! Everyone was crazy all night, come to think of it. I suppose we were just so happy to get out of school. When we entered Enchanted Kingdom, school was forgotten. There was mention of Jerry, and Delia, and all that other IMC stuff, but it was as if they were facts from another planet. That adage is true - ignorance can be bliss indeed.
I finally discovered the reason why Grace has been blooming these days. We met her korean boylet and 2 of his friends, who went with us to EK. They were pretty amusing. I'm sure they were pretty amused with us too - we were skipping and hopping around EK all night. We rode the Rio Grande first. The sign that said "Expect to get wet" wasn't kidding - we were drenched after the ride. It was so much fun that we rode it again towards the end of the night, making us even more wet. We also rode Anchors Away twice. The second time we rode, one of the Korean guys sat beside Rissee and Nadine and I had the feeling he liker her. Uyyyyyy! Maybe she's gonna have a true-to-life romance akin to those in the Korean movies she loves so much :)
I've ridden the Space Shuttle twice before, but last night I was still way nervous about riding it again, which was weird - I knew I wasn't going to die or anything, that nothing bad was going to happen to me. I suppose I need to be more adventurous, to just take the plunge sometimes. The butterflies in my stomach weren't going to stop me from taking the ride, however, so I heaved a sigh and just went for it. Yippee! It was so much fun and afterwards I wanted to go again. Just goes to show that sometimes, you just have to stop being afraid and go for it! Hopefully in the future I get to read this entry when I really need a good dose of balls. Hehe.
We also rode the Rialto and 4D - (insert sarcastic tone here)they were so exciting I peed in my pants (actually we were still very wet from the Rio Grande that we drenced the seats as well). The Flying Fiesta made my head hurt but it was a blast.
Having our pictures taken was so much fun as well! I don't usually like fumbling with cameras on trips - I like to remember trips through my own memories in my head, where they are free to float around and transform themselves in whatever ways I wish them to do so, tarnished by time, embellished by nostalgia. Being with my SDL friends has changed that belief. Though I still prefer my memories, I've newfound respect for photographs. IMC people are photo-crazy people, you see. I love em that way.
The night culminated with a ride on the "Wheel of Fate". I wish they'd just call it a ferris wheel, but whatever hehe. The view from the top was amazing, and although I always thought of the ferris wheel as a lovey-dovey mushy ride for the couples, it was still fun with the gal pals and Arthur - I wouldn't have had it any other way!
The ride home was pretty fast; We were all exhausted, so there wasn't much talk. We got home safe before midnight and said goodbye to the others. Then it was back to the real world.
Tonight I have a paper to do and a million things to study, but it's ok - my spirits have been lifted and I'm recharged for at least another month. I'll probably be itching to go out again before the semester ends, however. Fancy a trip to Palawan, anyone? :)
P.S. a more detailed account of our EK experience is in Nadine's blog, at . Check it out! Pictures of the trip have also been uploaded to my photo album. :)

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