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Daene's Life as a Bum

This is perhaps the first and only time that I will ever refer to myself in the third person, because it brings to mind images of that Sherminator guy from American Pie and my friend Carlo, who likes to refer to himself in the third person often. Hahaha.

Tuesday was officially the last day of school. I've no idea as to when I will ever set foot on UA&P soil again. Please pray I get to 5th year.

On Tuesday we also had a farewell lunch of sorts at Essensa for Shara, who's leaving for New York today. After lunch Angel, Nadez, Tiff and I went for a dip in the pool, and we went into the sauna afterwards. Before we left the place we were treated to Angel's wawa playing some jazz tunes on her grand piano. Very New York, yes? It was such a fun afternoon.

The day wasn't over, however. Had the final SDL block part at Mitch's that night. Drama all night. I won't discuss the details anymore because you know how I feel about extra special memories. Got home at around 3 am the next day, drunk from the drama and the booze.

Wednesday, in true bum style I woke up at 1 pm and got out of bed around two hours soon after. Treaded off to Glorietta to watch Rent the movie, which was a big disappointment. I haven't seen the play it was adapted from so I couldn't tell if it was solely the film adaptation that was bad or if the musical itself had become a bit outdated and out ouf touch with the times. I do know, however, that Chris Columbus definitely had a lot to do with why the movie was terrible. That guy has a way of making hideously cheesy and shallow movies. He's too damn literal for his own good, his movies end up losing all their depth. And I'm not the only one who thinks so, as it turns out.

Anyway, today I went to the Powerbooks Warehouse Sale (you can click on the image above for a bigger view of the map) near the Pioneer area and bought Memories of My Melancholy Whores by Gabriel Garcia Marquez and A Dog's Life by Peter Mayle. Later tonight I plan to read A Dog's Life, a lighthearted memoirs-of-sorts of a stray dog who found a home in Peter Mayle's villa in Provence. I loved A Year in Provence and Toujours Provence, so I thought this book would be interesting as well.

I'm just waiting for my laptop to burn a backup CD I made, after which I'm bringing it to the service center to have the hinges on the monitor and the battery fixed. Unfortunately I won't be blogging for a few days, maybe a week at most, because I won't have a laptop to blog on. Too bad actually, as I've been looking forward to blogging away for a few days now. I'll probably go back to pen and paper for now, which has never worked for me, as I have horrendous handwriting, but whatever. What must be done, must be done. This laptop has suffered enough with me throughout my IMC years, and it deserves a break and a makeover. I've also backed up all my important files, which include almost 2,000 songs, just in case something terrible happens to its hard drive. Here's to hoping the people at the service center are ethical enough not to open any of my files.

Bye for now.

More tales of Life as a Bum coming soon enough.


Anonymous said...

Omigosh Daene! You bought Garcia Marquez's "Whores"?! I've been dying to read that. Was it cheaper at the warehouse sale? Just arrived in Bicol today. I hope I'll not be a bum here. Planning to learn how to cook and maneouver Adobe (better late than never!). I miss you biatch! Pray we get to the 5th.

Hugs from the province,
Jen =P

Princess Angel said...

DAENIE MAE! You should let me borrow that book too.:) I'm a fan of Gabriel Garcia Marquez... (or I was, just because my old crush was a fan too!haha). anyway, i have Of Love and Other Demons.. maybe we could trade when we're done??:)

I miss you midge. :)

Let's go back to Essensa!!!!!!

Daene said...


Yup Jen, it cost a little less, 'round 20% off hehe. Good luck with the cooking lessons! and with Adobe! I won't be touching that program anytime soon. Hahahaha. Invite me naman to Bicol! hehehe.

ENJELLLLLLLLLL! you have blogspot now! yey! yes let's trade i haven't read of love and other demons..hehe. Let's catch up at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf...aww!!! Invite me to Cebu! hahaha

You're both invited to Batangas btw! hehe

miss you! *hugz*