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Coffee Convert

I've officially been converted.

In my attempt to study for my final two exams of the year I chanced upon the Ortigas Park last night. Situated at the park is The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, a nice cozy coffee (and tea) shop that opened just early this month. I absolutely love it there! Not too many people, nice music, friendly staff, and a nice change of environment. There's a Starbucks at the ground floor of the building where I live and I used to like studying there, but lately the place has been too crowded and noisy. You know how special a song is when you know it's not "mainstream" and you think you're the only one who knows about it? That's kind of like what I feel about this new CBTL place - my little secret. It's too bad it only opened recently, when I'm about to leave school already.

Anyhow, so I feel I'm officially a convert. Goodbye Starbucks, hello Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. Angel, Shara, Ella and I hung out there again today. But the Ortigas branch closes early at Sunday so afterwards we went to their Eastwood branch, which was slightly bigger but still cozy and a nice place to study. Shars was apparently a popular regular at the place and she was made Customer of the Week, before she leaves for New York, where she'll be staying for a whole year. I'm going to miss her a lot. The CBTL staff took a picture of her to post in the community board and Angel and I joined in on the picture. It was a lot of fun, although we didn't get a lot of studying done.

I'm off to studying again. Till next time.


jhay said...

welcome to the club! Enjoy your coffee cup.

Coffee was our lifeblood during theater rehearsals that lasted till the wee hours of the morning next day.

Coffee also helped my town grow and prosper, then again not anymore, coffee farming in Silang is in dire straights. I don't know if I should thank Nestle or not. Oops, ranting again. Sorry.

Have a grand summer. :D

Daene said...

hi jhay, thanks for visiting my blog, and for the warm welcome! hehe.

Coffee has been a lifesaver for me throughout college. I wouldn't have survived without it. Hehe.

Have a fab summer as well! =)

Sean said...

Coffee? Coffee? Try the tea there sometime. It's excellent. :)

Princess Angel said...

Hello little daene!!!! I miss you already... :)