Tweeting Away

The Home Stretch

Endings are life's great paradoxes.

Lately the days have been long and painfully drawn-out, yet they pass by ever so quickly somehow. I have taken the majority of what might very well be the final final exams of my entire student life, and while I definitely felt relief at the thought of never having to study and cram for days on end ever again, I couldn't help but feel a tinge of sentimentality as well - perhaps nostalgia, even - about the whole exam-taking thing. I suppose endings are strange that way: they can turn even the most dreaded academic torture device into sentimental rituals.

Edz moved out of her dorm last night. I dropped by to say good-bye and to give her a last-minute "moving out" present. Outside the flat I was immediately greeted by box upon box of all her college stuff, including the bean bag our friends had given her on one of her birthdays. It's going to be strange not having Edz living in the same street anymore. We had been neighbors since freshman year, and I guess it's always been a comforting thought to have her, Carmz, and Aldous just a few paces away, ready to hang out, go drinking or watch a movie even at the latest of nights. They were indeed my Pearl Drive family. Dorm life will never be the same again I guess.

Edz moving out got me thinking about when it will be my time to move out of my dorm as well, which will happen pretty soon too, as my lease on the place will expire in a few months. So my dorm is a tiny, tiny box of a room with a rather hideous yellow color painted on the walls - at this point I don't really care. For four years it had been my home.

In other news, my group had a really good pitch last Thursday, as seen in the picture. What a blast you guys, we kicked butt out there. Hehe.

Senior year's been really crazy. And while a part of me wishes for it to please, please, please not end yet, another part's quite relieved and excited to venture into the real world and see what happens next. I remember Jason Mraz singing this at his concert here: "What's the use of an end, it's a beginning again?" The man's right. Endings are quite a paradox indeed.

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