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Recommends: Anton Ramos - The Chillout Project: Sisters of the Sun

Nothing but beautiful sunset tunes on this one. The tracks on this album, with their slow beats, tranquil rhythms and haunting vocals, are all distinct and beautiful in their own way, but are seamlessly put together to create a pleasing compilation of music that just flows.

A recent addition to the popular Chillout Project series, Sisters of the Sun takes a breather from the often upbeat moods of recent installments like the various House Sessions to deliver on a single purpose: nothing but soothing rhythms and calming vocals, perfect for – what else – chilling out. Its first track, “Earthbound”, is a perfect prologue to the thirteen other songs on the album. Other personal favourites include “Harvest Moon”, “Following”, and “Drophere”.

A few plus points should also be given for how the CD automatically inputs all the proper title, artist, and album information of the tracks when you import the CD to iTunes.

Sisters of the Sun invokes images of long stretches of sand, the calm waters of the ocean, and a clear, orange sky. And for that, I give it a definite thumbs up.

Rating: *****

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