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Friday Knocks My Socks Off

Clean Sweep
Students from IMC attended the AdSpeak student convention at the Colegio de San Juan de Letran yesterday. There was a competition for creating a print ad for the Dominican Province of the Philippines, and guess what? All the winning entries were from UA&P! Our group won first runner-up with our entry, and other groups from our two blocks also received the top award, as well as the second and third runner-up spots. Congrats you guys!
Happy Birthday Joy!
Our class was invited to have dinner at Joy’s place for an early celebration of her 22nd birthday. As always, the food was amazing. I’ve been going to Joy’s place since freshman year and have always enjoyed my visits, whether they were school-related or just for fun. Her mom is an amazing cook and, more importantly, Joy and her family are so warm and welcoming towards their guests that it’s always a pleasure to come and visit. After dinner the class gathered around the TV room to sing some karaoke, the most popular form of Filipino celebration next to the fiesta, and it was good fun. I can’t believe we have less than a month left to spend with each other.

I used to love Fridays, but lately they’ve been exhausting and hectic, until yesterday. Fridays knock my socks off.

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