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Recommends: The Man Blog

Nick Hornby's High Fidelity gave female readers a glimpse into the sensitive, sometimes insecure, and often charming side of the male psyche; The Man Blog, on the other hand, provides a completely unabashed counter-perspective. Male bravado at its most relentless on the web, the site's authors are outspoken about the many truths, however nasty or raunchy, behind the male human species. The weirdest thing? The site is actually rather entertaining, even for a female reader (like me). The posts are often drenched with sarcastic humor, which will crack you up most of the time, and for the most part, the site does offer a rather interesting peek into the strange lives men lead, however shocking it may be to women.

Pogi points should also be given to how well the various posts are written, and how organized and user-friendly the site is.

To female readers who plan to venture into the site, a fair warning: therein lies a side of men you'll never see when you go out with one on a first date. As such, surfing over to the website strongly suggested. But if you're very conservative and/or is a resolute feminist, I reckon it's best you stay away - you might take offense at some of the content, or worse, decide never to marry.

All in all, a very entertaining and interesting blog, worthy of applause, a bookmark on your computer, and regular visits.

Rating: *****

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