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Life as a Bum, Part 2 / Verbal Diarrhea, Also Part 2

It’s amazing how dirty one can get just by staying indoors and sitting in front of the computer all day.

Lately I’ve been finding myself reeking of sweat and high levels of un-productivity, too lazy to take a shower or actually do something worthwhile (I paint quite a picture don’t I? I am so gross). Apart from this updated blog and a tan, I’ve nothing to show for my summer as of yet. I have, however, in a span of a week, managed to turn my life around from an unbelievably crazy, akin-to-a-musician-on-tour schedule, to one of absolutely no responsibilities, hence absolutely nothing to do.

Why does my life have to be made up of such stark contrasts?

At the back of our house lives Van Gogh, our friendly domesticated rabbit whom I named as such because the day we bought him, my brother and I saw a picture of Van Gogh’s Sunflowers, which he (my brother, not the rabbit) correctly identified, title and name of painter, much to my surprise and delight. Van Gogh (the rabbit, not the painter), as I found out today from my mother, feeds on bananas and lettuce, which mother dear buys especially for the domesticated woodland creature. Do I smell diva?

Speaking of the back of our house, my parents had a small stock room built there to hold all the crap that the family’s accumulated for years and years. (FYI, my family has this strange genetic trait of not wanting to throw anything away, so we gather a lot of “apparently valuable” crap. It’s the don’t-give-that-up-it-might-be-useful-someday mentality that’s been plaguing us for generations.) On top of the room, a sun deck of sorts has also been constructed, so everyday we go up there to just hang out. From the deck, I take a lot of pictures of the sky. I don’t know why I do it so often, seeing as how it’s the same sky everyday anyway. But it makes for some pretty pictures and did you not remember me say I’ve been highly unproductive of late? Dear reader, you have got to keep up with this story!

Too late to keep up now, though. Storytelling time’s over. I have to get back to my un-productivity soon.

But before I go, here are some tried and tested tips if you plan to live your life as a bum this summer:

1. Put iTunes on shuffle and relive your teenhood. This morning a bunch of Athenaeum songs came on and I was almost immediately transported to freshman year high school, when I was a big NU107 fan and suffering from teen angst.

2. Update your blog at incredibly frequent rates. As Nadez believes, writing everyday keeps the shrink away.

3. Rekindle a dying relationship. You know you’ve been ignoring him for months. He’s been feeling unimportant. You should feel guilty, as he’s always been there, just waiting for you to turn him on. All he needs is a little love, and you need a bit of couch time – the stars have aligned to provide you a perfect match…with your television. Grey’s Anatomy just aired its pilot on Star World this week. There’s a replay on Sunday. It’s a kick-ass show. From one bum to another, I highly recommend it. Patrick Dempsey may have a funny surname, but he’s hot. Is the other intern in the show (the “model” one) from My Father the Hero?

4. Get rid of your book/DVD backlog. Surprisingly I don’t have a book backlog, but I have a long one of DVDs. One of these days, amidst my burgeoning un-productivity, I’m going to pop Pulp Fiction onto that player and get myself inspired by Tarantino. Whoopie.

5. Get burning in the kitchen. Turns out I haven’t been completely unproductive this summer, as I made Nanay’s lasagna the first weekend I was here. Actually, I was going to make it, but Nanay came over for a visit as I was cooking and took over. I thought it best not to defend my post against her invasion. I mean, who was I to stop her? She made the recipe after all. The lasagna turned out great as always, and it was all I ate for about three days. I’m trying my hand at it again later today, hopefully with no adult supervision. Let’s get burning baby!

Is this not the most unstable entry I’ve written so far?

Bum love to all.


shara said...

not really unstable.. its nice not to have an "agenda" or a "to-do"list all the time. Hehe. Enjoy the break, you deserve it. =D

Princess Angel said...

wow, daene... Van Gough!

diva nga ang rabbit mo. tinalo ka!! wag mo painumin ng smirnoff vodka ha??? haha. i just miss you midge. i'll see you soon ;)

enjoy your last weekend as a bum :D

Daene said...

shucks, my last few days as a bum...freaky! hehe. miss you much angel! update your blog soon! :D