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Of Flip-Flops and Friends: A Summer Hermit No More

Got a visit from Aldous and Carmz tonight and had a nice, mostly hilarious chat. I hadn't seen them in ages so it was nice to hang out with them again.

As it turns out, this summer we share a passion for flip-flops and Grey's Anatomy. Aldous showed off his new pair of flip-flops and talked about his other recent purchases. So did Carmz - she has quite an extensive collection of Havaianas. Had a laugh about all the "Havanas" and "Havaiana" (singular - but put two slippers together, you form a pair and voila, "Havaiana"s!) that have been coming out. Imitation is most indicative of success indeed.

Meanwhile, Aldous has seen up to the 6th episode of Grey and Carmz is already watching Season 2! I am so jealous, and soooo behind! Will need to catch up asap. Also talked about Friends, and how it still makes us laugh our heads off even after we've seen it a million times over. I was watching The One With The Prom Video this morning and Chandler wearing the gold bracelet still cracks me up I swear, plus the thing about how the camera adds ten pounds and he says to Monica, "So exactly how many cameras are on you?". We really are a generation who grew up on Friends.

I really must hang out with Aldous and Carmz and the rest of my friends more often. Sometimes it's so much fun to just talk, listen, and laugh out loud.

I have another friend coming back from the States mid-May.
Also have a big birthday bash for a high school friend to attend over the weekend - hopefully I'll be able to go. Admittedy I've been hermit-like this summer, but hopefully that's to change in the coming weeks.

I should go to the beach again soon. Sand and sea are summoning yet again. Maybe I'll take some of my friends along with me this time.

Off to study now. It's amazing how after all those years in elementary, high school, and college, I still have yet to develop an acceptable study routine. Maybe it's because I hate routines period. But I must learn! Routine is good. Patterns are good. Neverending, ever-repeating cranial exercise is good. I seriously think I need an intervention when it comes to my study habits (or lack thereof). It's perhaps the only way I'll ever learn.

More stories next time. Bye for now.


shara said...

I'll give you a lousy routine that's just NOT good. 1pm - wake up-->make coffee & heat bagels-->check for ym--> take a shower --> read a bit --> go back on the net ---> watch tv --> net again --> sleep (3am). DON'T fall into my slump, I'm warning ya. I've never been this "batugan" ever. Don't worry about your study habits cos it works for you. How do you think you managed to get into Masters in teh first place? Hahaha! *hugs*

Oh yeah, i meant to tell you. Jared messaged me and we're in the same state. Small world, no?

Gray's anatomy here went on hiatus. =( Waaaahh. But I wanna give you some OC spoiler though. Someone's back and Seth's all confused again. hahaha! Awwww... i've got so many kwentos.... I miss you dear ;D Mwah!

Daene said...

shara: i dare say your routine is quite a contrast from the one you had during the second semester, what with school and your stint at work and all.

waking up to bagels, at 1 pm nonetheless! that sounds like heaven right about now. i can imagine too that you've probably become a walking TV Guide. Speaking of the OC, Tiff's been downloading episodes and I reckon she's pretty much up-to-date, and yes I heard Kaitlin's back and she's like a totally different person (that is, totally hot, hehe. lesbian lingo!). I heard Julie lives in a trailer too! Oh how the wheel turns. Hehe.

How'd you know I was talking about Jared btw? hehe. Super small world!

Miss you much Shars! let's make kwento soon. :)