Tweeting Away

Of Self-Confessed Spoiled Brats and Cute French Guys

Stuck at the OC over the weekend. By OC, I mean Ortigas Center. It's not as fun as it sounds. Was supposed to go back to Lipa but public transportation's a bitch. I was halfway on my way when my whole trip got messed up, so I ended up not going. Public transportation's a bitch. Admittedly that's not how I looked at it before, but there's a limit to how much I can romanticize taking the MRT and LRT and riding a smelly bus with a massive backpack and an even more massive laptop. I have as of today reached that limit.

I resorted to planning a summer weekend in the city, which from the looks of it won't be so bad. Will try to go boxing or will go for a run at Ultra. Will study a whole lot at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf (have our first exam on Tuesday). Will get myself a pedicure. Will not eat too much. Kinda sucks though that I won't be able to go to my friend's birthday bash-slash-high school class reunion.

And I miss my brother. He's probably the only reason I would go home via public transportation. He's going to kill me for not coming home.

The folks don't seem too disappointed that I'm not coming home for the weekend, which I don't mind. They deserve their alone time. I reckon having your kids around all the time would be a pain in the ass (especially if one of your kids was me). They're not offering to fetch me either, which again, I don't mind.

I have to admit though, that I feel quite guilty about cursing public transportation. I know it helps a lot of people get through their day-to-day activities. It takes them to work. It lets them take their kids to the mall on Sundays. It makes their lives easier. I know one of these days I'll discover the value of public transportation for myself. Unfortunately today isn't one of those days, so I'll bitch about it instead. That's not to say that I don't feel at least slightly guilty for doing so, however. I do.

I also feel like a spoiled brat when I curse public transportation, which again makes me feel guilty. I'd like to think I'm not a spoiled brat in general. But I guess I have my moments. I don't like these moments. When I'm feeling and acting like a spoiled brat is when the worst in me comes out. Bad Daene. Very Bad Daene.

However, I guess being stuck in the city alone over the weekend is rightful punishment for (a) bitching about riding smelly buses and (b) being a spoiled brat. It's kind of like being grounded the other way around - you can't go home instead of you can't go out. Who knew it was possible?

I recently got a copy of The Dreamers on DVD and have fallen in love with Louis Garrel, the French guy who plays Theo. Didn't like The Dreamers that much, it's not a favorite. It wasn't quite as thought-provoking as I'd imagined, and had too much going on but didn't settle anything in the end. Although I must say I've only seen it once - perhaps the second time around it would be better, who knows. In any case, Louis Garrel is lovely to look at. He's so painfully beautiful. *sigh*

I'll end on a happy note and put his pictures here. What's French for yummy?


shara said...

whhhaa... why didt i notice this entry before? Hahaha.... now i know what spurred you to pass that angry little girl thing. Haha.

Its all right daene... my sis has to take public transpo to school and she bitches about it on a regular basis - especially since i don't commute. I get a lot of flak for that, haha. so dont feel totally guilty, cos people really rant about it, too.

the french dude looks like someone i know. he's still there in the metro, look for him. =D

Daene said...

aww, thanks i miss you even more for your motherly advice...hehe.

really really really? anybody i know? i've got to meet him! hahaha. i must meet him! :D

shara said...


Dont forget me once you start making award-winning DM packages, a'ryt?
Haha! *Mwah!*

Daene said...

waah, how'd you find out? hahaha! super thanks. really excited. and terribly nervous. pray i don't mess it up! haha.

Princess Angel said...

he's hot=)

oh, and congrats on ARC. Dream come true!! Yes man!!=)