Tweeting Away

The One with the Blackout

For three days, it was like we were living in the Stone Age.

If the Stone Age had a Max’s restaurant with cute waiters, 24-hour ATM machines and a mall.

Due to typhoon Caloy, Batangas was announced to be under signal no. 2 over Mother’s Day weekend. For three days we didn’t have electricity, and it was the strangest thing. The streets were awfully quiet and it was terribly dark outside – even in the mornings, the sky was a morose gray, trees had been uprooted and their leafy remnants littered the streets. It felt like the end of days was upon us.

In any case, the gloomy skies, strong winds and generally “end of the world” mood didn’t seem to dampen the spirits of Batangenyos. For Mother’s Day our family went to Max’s to celebrate, and it seemed everyone had the same idea – the place was packed. Because I was in a hurry to go back to Batangas last Friday (I was afraid the storm would hit while I was on the road), I wasn’t able to buy a present for the Mom. The cute waiters at the Max’s in Lipa seemed to cheer her up though, which I was very thankful for.

After lunch we decided to go to the mall (we didn’t have anything better to do anyway) and again, it was packed. I gotta give it to my kababayan – they know how to entertain themselves, whatever happens. There’s something to be gained from their high happiness levels.

In my opinion, we Batangenyos have much to be happy about. Sure we had a scarce supply of water and no electricity for three days, but other parts of the Philippines suffered massive property damage and death at the wake of the typhoon. Do pray for these people, and donate whatever you can to their aid.

And a belated happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there and to everyone’s mothers. Here's a picture of me and my Mom. FYI, the bandana on my head says "I *heart* Ninoy". Guess I was a baby activist. Cool eh?


Michael Arnel Honesto Amerikano (seudonimo) said...

Kumusta ka naman, Daene?

I pray and hope you and your family are in good health upon your receiving this message.

Thank you very much for your encouraging me in my Weblogging. Although I am a newbie, you have given me so much courage to "blog on." Also, I would like to thank you very much for adding my to your list of "Fellow Bloggers." I am so honored, Daene.

I am so overwhelmed with joy that I have found such a wonderful person like you, Daene, with whom I can share information on the Filipino culture. You are so kind. You are an angel. Pagpalain ka!!!

I love the Filipino culture. I think Filipinos are very cool and industrious people. Moreover, I "LOVE" adobo (pork, chicken, pork/chicken combo, and... Adobong Pusit... Squid Adobo).

Although I haven't try your Adobong Pusit adobo suggesstion yet... I will very very soon.

As a special thank you, I would like to show you my eternal gratitude by my finishing this special message in Tagalog... as a tribute you... my mentor.

Daene, patawad na. Ang tagalog ko ay mali. Nag aaral magtagalog. Hee Hee Hee

Mabuti naman, salamat po. Sang ayon ako sa iyo. Mahal ko Adobong Pusit. Mabuti iyan! Mmm! Mmm! Mmm! Nagustuhan ko talaga! Kain tayo!

Mahal ko Adobong Pusit resipi, Daene. Maraming salamat po. Hindi ko alam kung papaano ko po kayo mapapasalamatan sa inyong kabutihan. Mahal ka sa akin, aking kaibigan. Ang iyong kabaitan ay kapuri-puri.

Gusto kong bisitahin ang Pilipinas isang araw. Mag-ingat ka palagi. Paalam na sa ngayon, Daene.

P.S. Maaari mo akong tawaging Wil kung gusto mo.

shara said...

leave it to Daene to scoop out cute guys in the dark. You, my dear, are one 'lil hunk hunter. Haha!

I miss Max's though. BOO!

Why do i never seem to see you in YM? =( I've missed you much, darling. Haha! Glad to know that you got home safely. I was talking to my mom the other day and she told me about the bad weather. Well guess what - typhoons are headed our way, too. It's been raining like mad and I've ruined my new shoes again. Hrmph. Hehee... 'cos of the rain, it's almost like I'm still there! Haha!

Princess Angel said...

a very cute midget in the making. hehe. i miss you as well!!=)