Tweeting Away

An Obituary of Sorts

It's finally happened, my laptop's failed me. Though it's yet to be final as I'm still awaiting news from the tech people at the repair shop, this is most likely the end of the short but fruitful life of my beloved laptop.
This is going to sound stupid, but I feel like I've come off a very important and very precious relationship. We survived senior year together, after all, my laptop and I. It never slept when I didn't. It was with me wherever I went - presentations, meetings, brainstorming sessions, lectures. Our Photoshop sessions together were better than any makeout session (yuck! hehehe). I've ended many relationships with other computers, but never one that hurt me this bad. Now my life is empty.
Haha, just kidding.
But yeah, my laptop's pretty much dead, which is why I haven't updated in so long. I'll find a way to blog more often as soon as I can, but as I'm still quite busy (1) with classes and (2) with preparing to move out of Ortigas and (3) with getting nervous about being an intern by June 5th and (4) with a (surprisingly) hectic social life, I don't know when I'll be able to resume my regular blogging routine. Till then, I'll try to blog as often as I can.
Here's to more (blog) stories about my so-called life...(un)fortunately in irregular doses, but rest assured you'll still have something to laugh and mock and cringe about.
Just watched X-Men: The Last Stand, by the way. Go see it. Hugh Jackman kicks ass. I L-O-V-E love him.


Sean said...

I wouldn't give up just yet. Tech people can work miracles with laptops, really. For that matter, where are you interning?

shara said...

OMG.. I'm so sorry for Mr. Toshi... I kinda know what you feel - cos I had my laptop for almost 6 years before I got Fuji. But it's also kinda different cos that blue book of yours got you through IMC. My heart goes out to you and your baby. Mwah.

shara said...

oh,and another thing - would you believe that x-men's not showing here just yet? It's crazy - i hate it. *bitter* haha!

Daene said...

sean: actually, the afternoon after i posted this entry i got a call from the tech guys at the repair shop who informed me that my laptop's lcd was, well, beyond repair.

and since it's too expensive to have it replaced, it would be more practical to just buy a new laptop altogether. pains me just to say it. hehe.

but as i haven't got the heart to ask my folks for another laptop just yet, i suppose i can use an external monitor with my laptop. i can do that right?

Daene said...

shara - aww, thanks dear. =) I feel guilty having harassed it so much during the past year. had so much memories with that laptop - it was even with me during PRSP! total bummer...

why isn't x-men showing there yet? dude that is just weird! anyway, watch it as soon as you can. it's not exactly brilliant but hugh jackman's fun to look at. =)

Princess Angel said...

hay, ang pinakaunforgettable moment ko with your toshie was when we had our presentation for sunbolt... alala mo yun? sobrang pinagtatawanan pa nga kita kasi sa liit mong yan, ang layo layo mo pa sa laptop mo kasi kusang nahuhulog ang screen. hahahaha!!! and alala mo dun natin pinresent ung creatives ekek natin kay daddy j?? hahaha. na-miss ko tuloy group natin, complete with toasty ann and kevin antonio! haha! enjoy your so-called vacation=)