Tweeting Away

If you don't give my football back, I'm gonna get my dad on you!

I can't get this song out of my head! Worse, every time I think about it, the freakin' song makes me tap my feet and move my head from side to side it's embarrassing...and the song doesn't even mean anything to me! But I love this Adidas ad a whole lot. Very very cute. Watch it below if you haven't yet!

Adidas Impossible is Nothing - Jose +10 (full version)


Duke said...

I love that adidas advert too.

well... I love all the footie adverts. From Nike's Joga bonito, Adidas' jose series and Pele's Puma futsal!

Daene said...

it's so cute isn't it? =)

thanks for visiting!

Anonymous said...

luv the tune makes u reminisce bout the good ole days... P.S. the track is called Eanie Meany by Jim Noir incase u were wonderin