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Let's Hug it Out B*#@&!

HBO’s Entourage answers the ever-intriguing question, why are women so attracted to guys who are jerks/commitment-phobics/players/generally horrid pond scum? Vincent Chase has never had a relationship that’s lasted longer than a shower. But you know what? I can’t get my eyes off him.

At last night’s episode he walked out of his agent’s office because he didn’t want to read for the movie version of Aquaman. He made a big deal about how he’d rather do a play in London that pays a few hundred dollars a week than do a blockbuster movie he doesn’t love.

That’s your answer right there: girls like horrid guys who surprise them with their soft side. If men are all about the chase, women are all about that discovery.

In other news, my blog will be on temporary hiatus for an undetermined period of time. My life is too crazy at the moment and as you might’ve already noticed, I have and will continue to be unable to update it on a regular basis.

For now, check out the links on the right to visit the blogs of my friends. Hopefully some of them have the time to entertain you with the story of their lives. :)

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