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Lighting the Fuse Might Result in a Bang, Ba-ba Bang Go! / The Bloomfields

Here's how The Beatles fit into my childhood: when I was a little girl I used to watch taped performances of them with my dad. I remember being a big Paul McCartney fan.

Fast forward to the present: tonight Kat had her 21st birthday celebration at Aruba, where a band called The Bloomfields was playing. They were five boys who looked like they were around our age, wearing suits (think Brandon Flowers from the Killers or Michael Buble...cute!), and, get this: they were singing Beatles and Beach Boys covers! A pleasant surprise I must say, and a great escape from all the dime-a-dozen, manufactured-out-of-a-factory wannabe alternative-pop bands that have been coming out like mushrooms lately.

The best thing about them was how they seemed to truly enjoy what they were doing. They seemed to really have a passion for the music they were playing - and they're the real deal. They even refused to play "That Thing You Do" because obviously it's from a fictional band (although it is still a cute song!) and it's dated circa 1990's. And man could they put on a show! It's probably the closest thing to The Beatles that my generation could experience. Hope I can catch a gig of theirs again soon.

In other news, I am so hooked on the Arctic Monkeys. They might very well be our generation's prototype of a rock star: born and raised on the internet, gaining success that has very little to do with signing on to a record label. Then again, I don't reckon they'd appreciate being called a prototype of anything. They're different from all the rest and I'm sure they won't have it any other way. And you've got to love that British accent! "I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor" wouldn't sound as great without it. Bloody smashing, I must say. LOL.

You can check for more info on them.

The Arctic Monkeys, I'm almost sure, can be found at I wonder if they'll ever play in the Philippines? I reckon there's a very slim chance of that happening. Bummer.

I'm trying to revive this blog again after a few months of slumber. Alas, I'm trying to put my life back in order and while work and school still pretty much take up most of my time, thankfully I'm still able to squeeze in some fun time,. Hopefully I'll have enough time to squeeze in a birthday celebration soon. I turned 21 last September 9! Unbelievable. I don't feel a day older than when I used to watch The Beatles in my pajamas.

That's about it for now. Here's to dirty dancefloors and dreams of naughtiness. Oh, and again, happy super fabulous birthday Kat! Many more to come I hope :)

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