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As the Year Ends: The New Year’s Eve Post

Before I formally start my year-end post, a quick recap of what happened these past few days.

After what I’m about to write I think I might have to change the title of this blog to the Drinking Diaries, or something to that effect. I got home at past 7 in the morning today from a friend’s house, where I met up with my elementary friends. I know, elementary friends – pretty unbelievable. These are people I’ve known for at least ten years, from when we were innocent, Catholic school-going munchkins in blue chequered uniforms.

Fast forward to last night, when we were all pretty much wasted from a drinking session that went on all night, past the wee hours of the morning and right up to actual daytime. If you’ve never experienced drinking with people you knew as kids, let me tell you, it’s quite a surreal experience – and a screaming indication of how much time has passed and how much things have changed. What a blast.

A few hours prior, I attended our high school class reunion, a less intoxicating yet equally interesting experience. I didn’t realize how much I had forgotten about high school until last night, when I saw nearly everyone from our high school class for the first time since graduation. Major flashback overload – which I have to say, I’m very thankful for. If all the memories didn’t come flooding back into my consciousness yesterday and I had been asked to describe my life so far, I’d have answered, “Had a crazy brilliant fun time in college, and the rest is history.” Now, however, I know I have more to write about. It was super fun seeing everyone.

As there are only a few hours left before the year ends, I’m almost sure there will be no more drinking for me this year. Thank goodness.

SPEAKING of the year ending, moving on to my actual year-end post. I’m taking a page from my friend Nadine’s book (blog, actually, hehe) and doing a list-of-sorts to sort out the year that was. Drum roll please!


The Jason Mraz Concerts
It feels like this happened ages ago, when actually, it’s only been nearly a year since I got to see Jason Mraz live at the Rockwell Tent and at the NBC tent with Rissee, Tiff, and Edell. What fun! Let’s go again next time!

The End of IMC Senior Year
The last few weeks leading up to the end of senior year were stressful but extremely fun, and definitely memorable. I wouldn’t have chosen another course to lose A LOT of sleep over mainly because I wouldn’t have chosen another set of people to lose a lot of sleep with. The SDL Farewell Party was a blast! And even though we’ve all gone our own ways now (and I missed the SDL Christmas party…sorry!), the year wouldn’t have been the same without you guys. You guys! Hehe.

Get-together with Jared
Jared came back from the States for a visit over the summer. It was so nice to see him again after three years! As one of the most colourful and wildly interesting people I know, we had a lot of catching up to do, and it was great to listen to his many stories. Till next time!

A Visit to PGH
An afternoon of life lessons. Broke my heart but taught me a lot. My prayers go out to those people.

Fifth Year @ Arc Worldwide
I made it I made it! This year I got to meet and work with so many interesting, talented, creative, brilliant, animated, FABULOUS people at Arc Worldwide and it was a blast, to say the least! I might have been at the bottom of the agency food chain this year, but I had so much fun and I wouldn’t have had it any other way!

The Lost Trip
My self-proclaimed coming-of-age. Wonder where I’m off to next year?

This year saw the addition of a new member to our family in a handsome golden retriever we named Beaumont. He is the best and cutest and nicest dog in the whole wide world, and I constantly tell him so. Yup, he’s rather spoiled.

Thursdays with Mabelle
Also with Carlo and Aldous the first time, and with Dianne and Nins the next two. All fun and giggles! Booze and the Bloomfields are an entertaining, albeit dangerous, combination. One more time Carlo and Aldous: Arrrrrrrruba!

Parties, Parties, and a Lot of Drinking
*Kat’s birthday celebration at Aruba – great food, great music, great friends…priceless.

*Arc’s 10th Anniversary bash at Absinth. It was the vodka that did it for me. Hehe.

*The Leo Group 007 Party at Rockwell Tent shall be the benchmark on which I will judge all other company Christmas parties against…the ceaseless martinis and simply fabulous venue totally broke the office Christmas party mould. I love working at Arc!

*The Christmas get-together at the Fort was so much fun. Had a dancing good time, for the fifth year in a row, plus lots and lots of pictures!

*Reunions, reunions, can’t wait for the next time I see my high school and elementary friends. Thanks for the memories, old and new!

*All the spur-of-the-moment drinking sessions, i.e. the one at Rissee’s place, the ones at Metrowalk, the one at Temple, the one at the office, etc. – solid proof that procrastination is the way to go. Here’s to another year of spontaneity and craziness!

People I’d like to thank for making 2006 a crazy year, in no particular order.

My College Family: Aldous, Angie, Carmz, Edz, Kado, Mabz, Maze, and Trish…five years strong, yeah! Life at UA&P is nearly over but I’m so grateful that we’re all still great friends. I had known since freshman year: you guys are for keeps.

The Interns, Crammers Division: Tiffy, Rissee, Jen, and Bert. I can’t imagine a better group of individuals to cram an industry analysis and a financial statements analysis with. Thanks for all the memories and sleepless nights, and that impromptu inuman at Metrowalk that one night.

The Interns, Fashionistas Division: Arthur, Sammers, Myrrh, Star, and Irene. It’s an honor to be in such good company – you guys inspire me to work hard. You may constantly joke about the fact that I’m small, but I know you wouldn’t have me any other way, so I love you for it! Hehe.

The Hottest Girls I Know, Angel, Nadez, Luann and Shara. I vow to hang out with you more next year, because I just adore your company. Angel, here’s to love and meeting the man of your dreams (uyy!). Nadez, here’s to your wonderful, colourful, amazing, destined-to-be-a-movie life – and thanks for letting me be a part of it! Shara! Take me with you to New York! You are by far the epitome of Independent Woman. Luann, drinking buddy, I miss you terribly, see you soon I hope!

The People at Work, you’ve made my internship a blast! I’ve learned so much and I’ve had so much fun! Thanks for making my first year at work so memorable. Special shout out to Donnah, my “classmate”, for all the lessons on nooneenoo and how to be an efficient AE! Hehe!

IMC-SDL, the coolest, craziest, most beautiful group of people I have ever met. Thanks for all the memories!

To the crazy IEPeeps, esp. Dianne and Nins! I’m so glad you came to Aruba that one night, because we totally bonded and had a great time! Looking forward to going out with you guys more next year!

To Mr. Calero, the most awe-inspiring and greatest man I have ever met. It was truly an honor to be in your class this year. Thank you for your guidance and for being the best mentor a student could ever have.

To Ms. Bigay, who taught us lessons we would never find in books. Thanks for taking us to PGH and for all the advice.

To Jared, come back to the Philippines soon! I’m always grateful that we still keep in touch. Thanks for trusting me with your life stories!

To Rememberizer, for all the out-of-this-world conversations, from video games to emo to the solitary trip I planned to take. Here’s to more chit-chat next year.

Kat! I had a blast at your birthday bash. Oops, I still owe you the CD of the pictures! Next year, promise! Hehe. Miss you!

To my high school and elementary classmates, I know I don’t always show up during get-togethers, but I’m really glad that I got to see you last night! I promise to attend more get-togethers next year! Hehe.

I’m really not one to make new year’s resolutions, but maybe I should shake things up a bit this time around and start with not necessarily a list of resolutions, but at least, a plan. In which case, in 2007 I plan…

…to graduate
…to move to a new place
…to get a job that I’m truly passionate about
…to lose weight
…to go to Coron, Palawan
…to go on another solitary trip
…to become less “me, me, me” oriented
…to become more spiritual and reflective
…to support a benevolent cause
…to have a lot more fun, meet a lot more people and generally celebrate my youth

Happy new year everyone!


resident_nutty said...

hay "Thursdays with Mabelle" pa talaga ang tagline, haha...grabe, the last two months of 2006 were so "eventful" and moreso entertaining because i spent it with you guys ;) here's to experiencing more in 2007!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Midge. :)

May you also find the man of your dreams in 2007!!

Love you and Miss you dearly!!:)

Anonymous said...




Yralyn said...

Dane! It's really too bad I missed the reunion! I only found out about it the night before, which sucks because I already made plans for the next day. Sayang I didn't get to see everyone!

Anyway, looks like you had a rockin year. Are you graduating na? Best of luck! =)

Daene said...

Mabelle: of course! here's to more memories in 2007! and hopefully you end up with Louie Poco before the year!

Angel: You're most welcome! Haha I hope for that too! :)

Nadez: thanks for including me in your post too! You super rock my world nadez let's hang out more this year! :)

Yralyn! Hey thanks for the visit!Yeah sayang, but no worries, maybe there'll be another one this year. :) Do you still visit Lipa? Yup I'm graduating this year, thanks! Best of luck to you too! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Daene, Im not sure how long ago you left this comment, but thanks for dropping by. Kakahiya, ngayon lang ako nag reply. =) I hope you had fun in Coron. Best regards!

Great blog you have. Happy New Year!