Tweeting Away

January 2007

First post of the year! I can't believe it's already freakin' February. A whole month flew by and I wasn't able to write a single thing.

So to make up for lost blog time, a few notable moments from January.

Embassy with the IEPeeps. I daresay I kicked off 2007 right with a night-out. Thanks to fellow fifth year AA from IEP, a bunch of us got VIP access to Embassy one Saturday night. Who says fifth year people were nerds, eh?

Carm got to meet John Legend! I was at work one day and I got a call from my good friend Carmeli who announced that she had won a contest and was going to meet John Legend in the flesh in Singapore! OMG! What a lucky girl! A few days after she proceeded to tell me the story of her little rendezvous with the total hottie (she got to be friends with Luke Mijares in the process too), intimate details and all. And the great, fabulous friend that she is, she got him (John Legend, not Luke Mijares hehe) to write a little note for me on a concert flyer that said "Daene, Peace + Love, John Legend". Thanks a mill Carm! We have got to watch him when he comes here!

Another night out with my college family. Lately I've been getting all mushy trying to remember those college days when we'd have three-hour breaks in between classes and my friends and I would just hang out at Prom B or by the Washing Machine or the Batcave (yes, those are real places in and around UA&P) talking about random things. These days, now that we're all kind of grown-up, the hanging out happens in restaurants on a Saturday night over dinner, drinks and the occasional "yo". I got together with Mabelle, Carmeli and Carlo last Saturday at Greenbelt, but we skipped the dancing and just talked. A lot. About all sorts of stuff. Like Carmz meeting John Legend (the story hasn't died down,'s only been two weeks!). And Carlo and his love stuff. And Carmz wanting to get a place of her own with some friends (Carmz I wanna be roommates with you! I have got to move out from my horrid place!). Ang laughing about how these are "the days of our lives" (it's a Friends reference).

In other news, I got to see "Stranger than Fiction" last weekend. It's a cute, quirky movie, very feel-good, but in a different way.

Been listening to "Cupid's Chokehold" by Gym Class Heroes. What a cool song, and a cool band. A great discovery thanks to the Ellen Show.

That's about it for now. January has come and gone, and February is here! Valentine's Day is just around the corner. Bummer. Hehe.


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dude, you're the party girl! haha. take me with you when you go to a gay bar ha! hahaha!