Tweeting Away


(Because I can't be bothered to form my sentences and watch my grammar at the moment...will do so soon though, promise!)

Number of beach trips I've gone to so far this year: 2 (I had a blast Edell! Let's bring the others next time)

Tickets booked and bought for the summer
: 2 (woot woot!)

Movies newly added to my favorites list
: 1 (Stranger than Fiction! Saw it again and fell in love with it again)

DVDs recently bought, soon to be enjoyed
: 5 (The History Boys, The Virgin Suicides, Stranger than Fiction, Pan's Labyrinth, The Science of Sleep)

Summation of Grey's Anatomy, Prison Break, and Heroes episodes I've yet to watch:
I don't know, around 10? Ugh. I'm such a loser.

Interviews I've survived for The Job
: 2 (please please please pray I get in!)

Movies I need to watch at the cinema soon
: 1 (300...I'm excited to see the loincloths! Haha. Watching with Rissee tomorrow, who I'm sure is excited about the same thing...hehehe)

Days before the final presentation for Revalida (yikes!)
: 5

Summer-ready songs I've put into the iPod mix
: One zillion (Setting the mood! Yeah baby!)

Number of people I miss seeing everyday
: Around the size of the #1 marketing services agency in the Philippines, situated on the 25th floor of the Enterprise Center, Tower 2 :D

Number of people I see every single, friggin' day
: 4 fellow crammers, soon to be beach bummers! Yeah!

Anticipated minimum days to be spent on the beach this April: 6

Anticipated number of beaches and islands to visit this April: around 5?

Number of parties celebrated, number of parties to celebrate: 2-2

Card games I've learned: 1 (what's with UA&P students and poker? It's a lot of fun though!)

Pictures taken from all the trips, parties, and other boring or otherwise random activities
: one jillion (I'll upload them all soon!)

Alcohol consumed since January (in ounces): yeah I can keep track.

I haven't written in ages but life is moving so fast right now my typing skills can't quite keep soon as things slow down, I'll be back to typing the story of my life.

Ah, the irony of life - when there's so much to write about, there isn't any time to write, and when there's so much time to write, there's isn't anything to write about! Guess you can't have everything in life.

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