Tweeting Away

Whoo! Alright. Yeah...Uh Huh

And The Rapture sang: Is it lyrical genius or crap rock poetry?

It doesn't have anything to do with what I'm about to write, but it's such a fun line. I thought I'd stick it in here somehow.'s out - forever! A bit surreal, yet true!

And even cooler - it's finally summer! You know it's that time of the year when the first thing you do when you wake up is turn the TV on and watch live tennis matches, NBA games and Oprah. What fun!

To celebrate the beginning of summer, I
thought I'd share this video, because it screams VACATION. Actually, it kind of reminds me of that episode in Sex and the City when Samantha threw a roofdeck barbecue for her transvestite neighbors. Loved that episode, love this video, love this song! "People don't dance no more, they just stand there like this...they cross their arms and stare you down and drink and moan and diss..."

I've been effectively unproductive for about two weeks, but I took occassional breaks from being more useless than a banana guard to accomplish the following:

*Watched The History Boys. Seriously, geeks are the new rock stars. Never have I found grammar school boys (well, movie grammar school boys) intensely studying to get into Oxford and Cambridge so intensely attractive. Plus I don't doubt that the, ahem, tension brought about by non-academic matters made them even more interesting.

*Faced an hours-long intellectual firing squad. Seventeen people in the panel interview for a killer MT program I'm applying for. My brain seriously hurt afterwards. I've taken some pretty intense exams, done quite a number of terribly nerve-wracking presentations in front of very important people, but there was nothing quite like that experience. I'm so thankful Arthur and Star were there to share the ordeal. Please pray we make it! I know my chances are slim, so I'm hoping a few beach trips and some peace and quiet will teach me to accept rejection, if ever. Ah! Rejection! What a cruel cruel word. If I do manage to get in, however, mark my words, I'll be flooding Carlo's roofdeck with alcohol on my first paycheck. You're invited.

Tomorrow is the first family summer trip of the year and I'm excited. Next week is Project Sunrise Week and I absolutely cannot wait! More stories very very soon. Goshdarnit I miss writing.

Enjoy the summer, and let me hear you sing it!
People don't dance no more! They just stand there like this...

...I used to think life's a bitter pill but it's a grand old time. Yeah!

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