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The Geekiest Thing I Did This Week... sign a petition for the release of Daria on DVD! And you should too!

For those of you who don't know, Daria was a cartoon show on MTV years ago, when MTV was, in my opinion at least, at the height of cool (now they hire Anne Curtis as a VJ. How effing mainstream can you effing get?). The following pretty much sums up why I love the show:

One of the show's primary objectives was to exaggeratedly portray and subsequently mock general popular culture. This was done by surrounding the character of Daria, who embodied cynicism, an intellectual bent, and anti-social feelings, with extreme stereotypical personalities, reflective of the culture of a teenage generation.

Specific aspects of pop culture that were satirized include culture obsessions with self image and fashion, the favoring of sporting achievement over academic or artistic accomplishments, and the general conformist mentality of Daria's generation. (read more here)

Not to mention, the show was HILARIOUS, in a really weird way. I know some of my friends who might read this were fans of the show too (that means you Mabelle! hehe), so do your part, flaunt your geeky side for once and sign the darn petition.

Till next time then, I'm out. La-la-la-la-la.


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Was Trent Jane's brother? The emo-something-rocker dude? Omg so did I! I think Daria did too. Hahaha.