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Pre-Christmas Weekend

Friday night I hung out with Rissee at her FABULOUS condo in Paseo Parkview. OMG. The view was amazing - Makati all shiny and sparkling. We stayed on the balcony and had a few drinks, listened to 80's dance music from a company party happening a few buildings away, and spied at the aged-40-and-above office people dancing to Billy Idol and The Go-Go's with binoculars. We toasted to being "free spirits" and to the men, somewhere out there, who would keep us in check. And like all girls, we gossiped. The "if you were stuck in a dessert island" question came up, naturally.

At around 3 am I hailed a cab and got home to my zero-fabulous, all-ghetto flat with its less shiny and sparkling view. But heck I was too whoozy to notice. Went to sleep almost immediately as we still had class (told you we were free spirits) the next day.

Saturday, got to class on time (we're responsible free spirits, you see) and had a short session with Dr. K and the other 5th years. Had lunch, then got home to prepare for my annual Christmas get-together with freshman year friends (i.e. Aldous, Angie, Carlo, Carmeli, Edell, Mabelle, Mazie, and Trish...did I miss anyone? Kidding.).

Actually, "prepare" meant I slept until 7 pm, after which I got dressed. Hailed a cab to pick up Edell then was supposed to head to The Fort together. In between, had a little drama as the cab I was riding got a flat tire. We stopped at this dark, scary place somewhere at the Vito Cruz extension and I didn't think I was going to make it alive. Thankfully the tire got fixed and Edell and I were able to reach our destination.

Had dinner at Polu Kai at Serendra. Nice Hawaiian-inspired place with a massive fish tank. Delicious, affordable food, but I can't say much about it as I was too preoccupied with catching up with the others that I really didn't mind what I was eating. In any case, we were the last customers to leave the restaurant as we headed for Piedra.

Party time. Didn't drink as much as I thought I would, i.e. had a tequila shot and a beer. We danced a lot though. A lot a lot. By the time we got out of the club I couldn't feel my legs. They play an interesting mix of music at Piedra, though. From Baby Got Back (I'm not kidding!) to Sexy Back. Took loads of pictures (check my multiply and my friends' multi...plies?). Left The Fort at around 3 am.

I think I've had enough booze and partying for the holidays, but later tonight is the 007 party at Rockwell Tent (for Leo group employees) and Angel's birthday bash at Pacific Place. On Thursday, I'm going out with Mabelle and Dianne and who-knows-who-else (guess where?). Friday is the IMC-SDL party. We'll see if I can still make it, as I'm already quite anxious to go home to Batangas. Pre-holiday weekends may be for going out with friends, but the holidays are always for family.

Being a Scrooge this season? Here are some lovely songs to brighten your spirits, plus a list of my favorite Christmas movies (they may not necessarily be about Christmas, but they remind me of the season a lot).

"Baby It's Cold Outside" - Harry Connick Jr. and Lee Ann Womack (I hear the Ella Fitzgerald original is quite amazing as well)

"Sleigh Ride" - Diana Krall

"Winter Wonderland" - Ray Charles

"The Christmas Song" - Toni Braxton

"All I Want for Christmas Is You" - Love Actually OST

Michael Buble's 5-track "Let it Snow" CD

Some movies you might like to watch:

"Sleepless in Seattle" - Yup, it begins with Christmas Eve

"Love Actually" - obvious choice, don't you think?

"Serendipity" - starts with Christmas as well

All the "Friends" Christmas and New Year's episodes - okay, it's not a movie, but it's something to watch with the family. I like the one with Joey kissing Chandler on New Year's Eve and Monica and Joey buying all the dead Christmas trees for Phoebe so they could fulfill their "Christmas destiny".

Happy holidays everyone!

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resident_nutty said...

nyahahah daene, so tuloy na ba talaga sa thurs? hehe, anyway, cge, got to do some late xmas shopping (and library work? eew) dat day so ok lang.

tell rissee na punta naman ako sa condo niya! im SO jealous! haha, inuman na to!

can't wait to party again...bwahaha