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Crazy Week

When the great Matec Villanueva came to our class by invitation of none other than the iconic Mr. JJ Calero (a great man, an amazing was such a pleasure being in his class last semester), she mentioned something about how, when you're in your 20's, you feel immortal - like you're unstoppable, and you can do anything you put your mind into. You push yourself and you push yourself and it feels like there's no limit to what you can do. And you're never tired, no matter how hard you push yourself. You just keep going, going, and going.

I might be living that lesson a little too well. Here's what happened to me this week:

12th November, Sunday
I flew to Cebu to monitor an event. Got to roam around the mall and buy pasalubong, and slept well at the hotel.

I monitored the event with my boss all day. Thankfully, afterwards, I got a good night's sleep.

I flew back to Manila from Cebu. I dropped off my luggage at home, and headed for the office almost immediately. I worked.

No going home again - packed my stuff in the morning because I was to stay at Pan Pacific Hotel. We were to set up for an event that was going to happen the following day. Had very little sleep.

The day of the Philippine Art Awards, our event. Everything went smoothly. Afterwards, went back to the office, worked for an hour or so. I headed for Ortigas where i met a classmate, had dinner, after which we decided to have a few drinks (that turned out to be a lot of drinks...and a crazy moment or two). Got acquainted with Diane and Nina from IEP - great, fun, crazy girls, they are. Got home late. Mabz crashed at my place. Slept like logs.

Had to wake up early for an internal briefing. Did a million stuff for Microsoft. Attended the Microfost event at around 8 pm. Went home at 11-ish. Didn't have a single meal all day, but had a glass of white wine and another of red wine. Slept like a log again.

Had to wake up early (again!) for an ocular at Aliw Theater. Met with suppliers there. Finished the ocular. Stayed home (thankfully).

Went to client's office to get something, then went to Megamall for client-sponsored event. Stood and walked around during the whole event, which lasted around five hours. Went home.

Tomorrow I have a meeting/interview with classmates for Revalida, our thesis of sorts. I also have work. I reckon Tuesday will be as crazy. And Wednesday. And it goes on and on and on. When I'll get a break? I'm not really sure.

The most surprising thing is, I don't mind the crazy schedule at all. I'm actually having a ball. My life is hectic, but it's all good.

It has to do with the gift of youth I suppose - when one is young, if the spirit is willing, the flesh, however weak, will follow. I haven't stopped working, going places, having fun, I haven't stopped period, all week, and I'm still going. My life is crazy, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

This is how you live your 20's. At least in my opinion.


resident_nutty said...

yeah, ur week's been crazy least we can say that u're really maximing your 20's...we only get to live once so no holds barred na, bwahahaha...

so....finally forgotten about them na? ;)

Daene said...

I'm getting there babe. Hahaha! At the moment I'm putting all my attention into the Arctic Monkeys. Hopefully it helps hasten the Memory Zap.

YEAH BABY LET'S KEEP DRINKING! I'll rest when I'm dead. Bwahahaha.

Shucks I'm sounding like a horrendous person. Like a really bad-ass chick. Maybe that's why *apparently* I'm into BAD BOYS WHOM YOU MISTAKE AS THE LEAD SINGER INSTEAD OF THE DRUMMER. you crazy girl!

See you when I see you! Check out my Coron & Circles proposal ;)

resident_nutty said...

oo nga, im putting all my attention to Itchyworms and getting my room cleaned...bwehehe

maybe nga daene u're into bad boys...u just don't know it yet...;)

NADINE said...