Tweeting Away

This Guy's Life

These days I don't have much time to surf through my favorite blogs. But I'm really glad that I spent my empty Tuesday evening doing so, as I ran into this anecdote by Jay on Enough About You:

My friends and I were in Charing Cross when we saw a massive group of people gathering outside a building. Some were dressed in military attire, others had headsets and walkie talkies and megaphones. One was even dressed like a shepherd from the Middle East.

Was it a protest? A big demonstration against the war? Were these people planning a riot? Curiosity finally overcame me, and I strolled over to ask.

"What's this all about?"

"Oh, it's a fire drill. We're from the Royal Opera House round the corner."

Life can be such an anti-climax.

I can't believe stuff like this really happen in real life. Seriously. And he's got a bunch of other weird stories on this entry - a fox living on his backyard, a funky flashlight, and an old lady doing, err, hygiene-related stuff on a bus. I wish I ran into equally eccentric circumstances on a regular basis.


shara said...


I saw someone who took their fish out for a walk one bright and sunny day. :D Heehee.

Miss ya, Midge. Mwah!

Daene said...


It's been a loooooong time. I miss you! :)

Taking fish out for a walk...that's the stuff i'm talking about! Hehehe.