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The Jetset Life is Gonna Kill You / The Lost Trip

I sincerely hope not, because that kind of life would probably be brilliant. Crazy, but brilliant.

I flew to Cebu with my boss last Sunday. On a business trip. I'm exaggerating, hehe. It really wasn't that big of a deal. Although, the trip was for work, but it wasn't like the business trips they have on television - you know, the ones where you close multi-million deals, or the ones that husbands use as an excuse to meet their mistresses. It was pretty much drama-free. We went to Cebu to monitor an event that was happening for a client. Everything went well, and we flew back to Manila the next day. We're flying to Cebu again next Sunday. I should fly more often, and go places. Really go places. Not just plan to go places, but really go. Like what I did when I went to Talipanan Beach this year. That was fun.

I've been planning to write about that "lost trip" for ages but I never really found the time. I say it's a "lost trip" because no one really knew that I went on that trip apart from Tiffy, who was, I'm happy to say, very supportive, though also quite concerned.

The trip was one of those spur-of-the-moment kind of things which, based from experience, are usually the ones that push through more often. The extent of my planning were as follows: (a) I made reservations by texting the resort owner; (b) I bought a lousy backpack because I left my decent one in Batangas; And (c) I checked the weather forecast on Yahoo! Weather.Afterwards, I literally packed my bags (actually, just one bag) and left.

I had a lot of peace and quiet on that trip. It wasn't a particularly brilliant beach but it was quiet and remote, which is great. I read "Atlas Shrugged" but didn't finish it. I ate halo-halo. i went swimming. When dusk came I walked and walked and walked. I listened to my iPod. I made sure not to draw attention to myself, just to keep safe. I befriended a nice middle-aged couple who had lived at that beach their whole lives - we talked real estate.My only regret is that I wasn't able to try the pizza made by the Italian guy who lived in the house at the farthest end of the beach. Maybe next time, when I come back with friends. Going on solitary trips has its charms and is probably preferable at certain situations, but going with friends can be just as fun, if not more enjoyable.

The trip home was fun too. From Talipanan Beach I had to go back to White Beach, where I was to ride a boat going to Batangas pier. So for the first part of my trip home, I had to walk. A lot. So I walked and walked and took pictures of what I saw. I walked behind an old man and his grandchildren. I passed by what I think was a Mangyan village. I had walked a long way before I got to ride a jeepney that took me to White Beach. It was the most unexpected part of my trip, which turned out to be the most memorable.

A few weeks ago I was looking through and I typed "Talipanan Beach". Someone had already marked the place, and you could actually zoom in enough to see the area clearly. I saw the resort I stayed in, the road I took back to White Beach on foot and on the jeepney, and it brought back images of that trip. I like to think that the lost trip was my self-imposed coming-of-age. I think going places makes you grow up, and makes you wiser. In which case, I have a lot of growing up to do, and a lot of wisdom to obtain.

I wish I could go away again soon. I want to lie on the sand under the stars. Then maybe "Chasing Cars" would play in my head (or in my iPod). It wouldn't hurt to be with someone this time.Going places and falling in love. They're not that different are they?

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