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Nine in the Afternoon, Nine September

Yay, birthday post. I like lists because they're easy to write and chock-full of information you can just randomly put in and don't really have to explain, so this one's going to be a post of lists, starting with "Birthday Greetings That..."

...Really rubbed it in.

From Carlo: "Happy TWENTY THIRD birthday! 23! 23! 23!" to which I replied with something like "Yeah rub it in why don't you?", to which he replied "You're OLDDDD!". Look who's talking! LOL. But thanks Carlo, hehe.

From Mabelle: "Woohoo! Big 2-3! Happy bday!" Actually, she didn't really rub it in, she actually put things in perspective when I replied to her "Thanks, I'm not that freaked out anymore actually" and she said "Haha wait till I freak out at 25!". Don't worry Mabz, Carlo got there first , way before you do! :P

...Were really random.

From Mazie: "Hey, daene! Happy 23rd! Hehe :-) By the way, I think I've figured out why ur name's biatch in my YM...I made it ur nickname in my address book! :P" (The last sentence, RANDOM! Private joke of sorts hehe it made me laugh out loud.) Thanks a bunch Maze! So friggin' excited to be one half of RyDen. Maene Daze! LOL

...Were really bitchy. Which just makes them even more special :)

From Edell: "Happy bday bee-otch!" 'Nuff said. Hehe. Edell, you know I love your one-liners, so thanks!

From Aldous: "Daene, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Told you I'll really see if I could greet ya...fortunately for you, I did have the opportunity. Otherwise, I wouldn't have greeted you...buahahaha! Nyway, hope u had a great day on top of this awesome greeting!" The last sentence just cracks me up, it's so Aldous. Love you Benj! :)

...Made me go awww :)

From Carmz: "Daene! Happy 23rd! Dnt wory, ul love being 23! Hope ur having a great day!" Aww Carmz, thankies, your words are as sweet as your cupcakes :)

From Meann: Happy birthday, Daene! May you always be dazzling." The "dazzling" of course is a Twilight reference. Thanks Meann, haha, and I'll do my very best! :)

From Jam: "Ate Daene! Hapi bday! May u have many bdays 2 come! See u soon...have a blessed day!" Awww she called me Ate! Hehe hey Jam! Thanks so much for the greeting, it was super nice waking up to it this morning. :)

Special mention: Rissee calling. I pick up and she goes "Helllllooooooo" and starts singing the Birthday song, although she didn't finish it hehe. Love you Ris! You always light up my otherwise mundane life so you totally rock :D

Special mention no. 2, because I received this text after I wrote this post (must be the time difference?): From Tiff - "Hey :) Happy birthday! Hope you get really drunk and make out with a vampire. Haha. We can only hope :)" We can only hope indeed! Tiffy I miss you! I am sooo looking forward to that shirt. Haha! :D

Aren't my bestest friends the most random, creative people in the world? You guys rock. And to all my other bestest friends who sent their greetings, wow, thanks so much you guys! I was on field work today so I was far away from the people I loved but the messages and calls made that okay and I'm not freaking out about turning 23 anymore hahaha! OMG scrap that, what's with the drama? Hehehe.

Okay, more lists!

Gifts I wish I could get now that I'm 23:

- A Nintendo Wii
- Guitar Hero!
- Rock Band 2!
- The Panic! At The Disco Collectors' Boxed Set of A Fever You Can't Sweat Out, which Dad got for me yay!
(Am I really turning 23 or 13 with this wishlist? Hehehe)

Picture that made me go "awww" today

Of course it's Panic-related, hehe. How cute are they in their suits!

Things to look forward to now that I'm 23

- Getting SmartBro wireless internet (err, sorry Carlo!)
- Getting a credit card (I don't know if I'm dooming myself to eternal debt with this move so we'll see...)
- The Saints and Sinners Party yeah baby! (Details to follow) - JR, guest of honour ka ulit! And bring the whole gang this time! hehe :)
- Surviving my revalida. Waaah!

Finally, a birthday survey

Just for the record, I didn't intentionally look up a birthday survey to post on my birthday, but I was checking my Livejournal and Ronald had this posted on his blog (his birthday's on Oct 11 pa - advanced happy birthday!) and I thought, well hey that's quite a Joincidence with a C (Friends reference), let's take it, and this is how it turned out:

- September 9 -
You are very clever and knowledgeable. You are very calm and cool in social situations. You are kind and sympathetic to people, although you like to choose your friends
Positive Traits:
tolerant, compassionate, idealistic, sensitive, sympathetic
Negative Traits:
bad judgment, immorality, delusional, arrogance, bitterness

'What does your Birthdate mean?' at

Immorality? LOL. Oddly accurate though, sans the immorality part. Hehe.

So ends my birthday post. All in all, the big 2-3 isn't so bad. In fact, I'm feeling so good, just the way that we do, when it's nine in the afternoon...

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