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Twenty-freakin'-three oh-too-freakin'-soon

Okay before all the drama, a rundown of what happened over the last weekend of my 22nd year on this earth. I'm too lazy to post the pictures at this point, so those'll have to wait (shoot, I have such a huge backlog of unposted pictures already but I just can't be bothered at the moment), but here's a short narrative about the weekend that was:

Friday: Will This Song Live On Long After We Do?

A teenage dream come true, one that's been ten years in the making. Granted, it came true admist a sea of rather scary "not my usual crowd" kind of people (is it being mean if it's stating the truth?).

I remember being 12/13 years old and buying Third Eye Blind's debut CD - those were the days when internet downloading hadn't really been so big yet, so I really had to save up (or really beg my parents) before I could buy a CD, so I had to make sure I chose the right artist and the right CD to get. Third Eye Blind's CD was one of the most worth-my-money CDs I ever bought - I loved that record and nearly all of the songs in it. So I was determined to brave the Oktoberfest crowd (gasp!) just to get to see them play and fulfill the dream of my adolescent self. To be safe, Mabelle, Maze and I got the VIP tickets in the hopes that those would keep us from the mob.

Suffice to say the tickets didn't do squat - about an hour before the show, I was pretty much resolved that we weren't going to be able to even catch a glimpse of the concert because they weren't letting people inside the concert tent anymore, because there were already too many people inside. I felt super bad for Elaine (hey E!) who was a bigger fan of Third Eye Blind. THANKFULLY, Maze and Oz were able to pull some strings (they work at San Miguel), and SURPRISE SURPRISE, we got a super awesome spot with (1) a perfect view of the stage and (2) separation from the mob!

The show was AWESOME - most of the songs they played were from the 1st album, the memorable ones being "Narcolepsy", "Jumper", "Graduate", "God of Wine", and freaking "MOTORCYCLE DRIVEBY", which totally got me all emotional and thinking about those days in my room when I was 12/13 and listening to that record, teenage angst and all (haha). What fun!

The only downer was that a lot, if not most of the people who watched didn't seem to be fans of the band, so there wasn't much audience participation. Not like at Fall Out Boy and Panic!, when the crowd sang along with a lot of the songs. In any case, they put on a great show - but I swear Stephan Jenkins looked so old.

Okay, let's move on to Saturday - Boys Like Girls!
I had a Twilight meeting with Meann and Mabz at Glorietta which was great because I was really hoping I could catch Boys Like Girls. As Sam put it on her blog, she, Angel and I braved the sea of teens and tweens to catch the show, which was also awesome! The first song they played was "Hero/Heroine" which I totally love, and even though the set was pretty short, I really didn't expect it to be a full-fledged concert. I hope they hold one soon though in Araneta or something. Sam and Angel, we are totally going okay? :)

Lazy Sunday in UP and Katipunan!
It was a random Sunday and Edell, Mazie, Carmeli, Aldous and I thought it would be fun to try out the famous isaw place at UP and make a food trip out of the whole thing. So after we ate a bajillion sticks of isaw, etc. (which was AWESOME! I eat those all the time in Lipa but never in Manila because I doubt their cleanliness hehe until today), we trooped to Chocolate Kiss for dessert, then headed to this Ice Cream Yogurt place along Katipunan, but they had run out of the yogurt, so we went to Banapple and had dinner there. The food was great and so inexpensive I love it! We didn't have that much food variety in UA&P so it was super fun to try out all these different food places. We must definitely spend another random day there! Let's take a break from High Street and Greenbelt and all those other places and shake things up a bit. :)
So after telling you about my weekend I was supposed to write about how I'm freaked out about turning 23 in a few days, but now I think I'm too lazy to do that. Suffice to say, I'm turning twenty-freakin'-three oh-too-freakin'-soon. That pretty much sums it up anyway.
Oh, and I really really want a Nintendo Wii and Rock Band / Guitar Hero for my birthday but I'm too old to pester my parents I think (although I tried too this morning hehe). I guess I'll have to settle for the A Fever You Can't Sweat Out Boxed Set that Dad got me (I guess I still am a kid really hehe), which isn't really settling because there were only 25,000 copies of those released and I'll freaking have one of them (if Amazon doesn't screw it up - I'm new at the whole buying from the Internet thing so I can't say I trust it yet hehe)!
Okay so I'll write again soon, but for now it's so long. My last post as a 22 year old. OMG I'M GETTING OLD!!!!

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