Tweeting Away

Notice the sexual tension.

"The Shock of the Lightning" - Oasis (who knew they would make a comeback? I always thought they'd be too cool for one)

...whether real or imagined, I don't care! Time to get on Fangirl Mode!

These two are totally doing it on their tour bus. LOL. How cute are they though! Dorky rockstars in matching pink-and-grey ensembles are AWESOME.

To prove my point:

1) They are color-coordinated.

2) Ryan is TOTALLY looking exclusively at Brendon almost the entire time. Who could blame him though right?

3) When they introduce "Fidelity", Ryan says "Brendon" like he wants Brendon's attention all the effing time.

4) They share a moment after they introduce The Killers' video and Brendon goes "doot doot doot" and they look at each other and both laugh. Awww!

5) When Brendon goes "hello" and Ryan looks at him, says "hey" and gives him this come-hither smile. Could you BE any more in love with Brendon? Haha!

Hahaha. What do you guys think? Seriously though, I can't decide who I like more, Ryan or Brendon. Too cute!

Okay, fangirl mode over. :)

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