Tweeting Away

New Year's Eve 2008 is Upon Us

And there's no better way than to spend it at home...

...with my lola's Filipino-style lasagna cooking in the oven. As she was preparing it, my mom and I listened to her stories of spending days in the Laylayan (that's seaside / lakeside for you) as a young girl in the 50's and 60's. Mom says if we keep her company in the kitchen she's happier, so her food tastes even better than usual. I just had a bite of the lasagna and Mom's right - it's even better than the one from Christmas!

...with Beaumont. Already he's scared of the fireworks, and there hasn't been a lot - poor dog will be freaking out tonight. At least he gets to sleep inside the house. He's not allowed to do that any other day of the year.

I'll be posting my year-end post soon, until then!

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